Viva Energy Australia is proposing to construct and operate a new jet fuel pipeline to Melbourne Airport, to support its growing jet fuel needs over the next 20-30 years.

The proposed pipeline would form a direct connection from the existing Somerton fuel pipeline that follows the southern boundary of Tullamarine (located south of the Western Ring Road, M80) to the jet fuel storage infrastructure at Melbourne Airport.

The proposal is subject to several regulatory approvals, and the pipeline may only be constructed with the consent of the Minister administering the Pipelines Act 2005 (Vic).

As the proposed pipeline is still under consideration, any subsequent commitments to proceed with the project are also subject to Viva Energy Board approvals.


Project Information

Pipeline route

The proposed pipeline route and corridor has been selected following a series of preliminary investigations and analysis.

The pipeline would be 350mm in diameter and approximately 7km in length. It is proposed to be mostly buried underground with small above-ground sections at each end of the pipeline to connect with established infrastructure.

Supporting growth in aviation

Melbourne Airport is Australia’s second busiest passenger airport, and the main aviation hub for the southern region of the country. Passenger numbers at Melbourne Airport are estimated to almost double by 2038 – increasing from 35 million to more than 67 million per annum (source: Melbourne Airport Master Plan 2018).

In line with this projected increase in passenger numbers, the requirement for jet fuel is expected to increase significantly, with future demand expected to exceed the capacity of the existing fuel supply infrastructure.

The proposed pipeline will: 

- Help to meet increasing demand for jet fuel and support future growth at Melbourne Airport.
- Increase the supply security of jet fuel, which will contribute to the Victorian state economy.
- Reduce the reliance on road transport for jet fuel supply, with fewer trucks required to deliver fuel to the airport.


The exact project timeline will depend on the duration, timing and scope associated with regulatory and Viva Energy Board approvals, third party agreements, construction techniques, and project execution.


Viva Energy is committed to proactively consulting and communicating with potentially affected stakeholders, landowners and occupiers during all phases of the project.

Engagement and consultation will be the key to providing stakeholders with relevant information about the project and how their feedback can be provided. The feedback will help inform our management plans and land access agreements (where relevant), and help us address any potential concerns.

Initial stakeholder engagements and survey works were conducted in late 2019.

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