Answers to common questions about Shell Card

Shell Card is one of the simplest and most straightforward fuel cards available, however we understand that if you’re new to Shell Card or even if you’re a long-term customer, you might still have a few questions. We hope you will find the information you’re looking for here.

About_your_Shell_Card_iconAbout your Shell Card

How does Shell Card work?

Think of it like a credit card for fuel purchases. Every purchase is itemised on a single tax invoice and statement, and the cost of purchases is deducted from your nominated account weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on your payment terms.

What are the benefits of Shell Card?

It makes paying for fuel easy – all your purchases appear on a single tax invoice and statement, ready for tax time. You can manage your card(s) online, you can set usage controls, we offer flexible payment options, and fraud protection is built-in… to name a few!

I don’t use much fuel in my business. Is it still worth getting a Shell Card?

Yes! Shell Card makes managing your business’ fuel easy, whether you have one vehicle or a whole fleet. Plus, we offer discounts off the pump price!

What if my business has multiple vehicles?

No problem, for a small monthly fee of $2.50 per card you can have as many cards as you want.

Where can I use my Shell Card?

You can use your Shell Card at any Shell service station, Shell Coles Express, Shell Reddy Express, Liberty, Westside and third party accepting Shell Card sites. To find a Shell Card accepting site near you, use our
Fuel Finder tool or the Station Locator on the Shell Card GO app.

What are the Terms and Conditions when signing up with Shell Card?

Here’s where to find the Shell Card Terms and Conditions.

Setting_up_and_managing_iconSetting up and managing your Shell Card

How are PIN codes set?

Setting up your PIN is easy and is set during your first transaction at a Shell Branded service station, Shell Coles Express or Shell Reddy Express. Just select a four digit PIN and enter this three times to activate your Shell Card.

What happens if a driver forgets his or her PIN code?

A PIN can be re-set via Shell Card Portal. Alternatively the authorised Fleet Manager can notify our Customer Service Team on 13 16 18 to get the PIN reset.

What account and fuel card controls are available?

You can set and modify product and purchase restrictions through Shell Card Portal or via our Customer Service Team - email or contact us on 13 16 18.

Managing_your_account_iconManaging your account

What reporting access do I get?

Shell Card Portal gives you complete control over your cards and your account. You can create and download a range of reports, order extra cards.

What is Shell Card Portal?

Shell Card Portal gives you the ability to manage your card(s) and account online. Enjoy the ease and efficiency of Shell Card Portal, which includes the following tools:
- Order and cancel your Shell Card(s)
- Access your past invoices (for the previous 12 months)
- Generate detailed transaction reports between billing periods, and drill down to specific dates, cost centres or cards
- Streamline GST and fuel tax claims by using information in your monthly transaction report
- Access to a suite of other Management Information Reports

How do I reset my Shell Card Portal PIN?

The great news is that you can do it yourself! All you need to do is follow the forgot password prompts on the Shell Card Portal Log in screen.

Can I transfer my Shell Cards from one business to another?

Unfortunately not. You will need to order new Shell Cards under the other business account.

What if I want to close my account?

We’d hate to see you go! There’s no minimum contract period so you can request to close your account at any time. Of course, any outstanding balances must be paid in full.

Does Shell Card have accounting software integration?

Yes, Shell Card now connects seamlessly with Xero and MYOB accounting software. By integrating your Xero or MYOB accounts with Shell Card, the flow of your invoices will be automated, increasing your accuracy, saving you time and helping you avoid manual data entry. Learn how to integrate your Xero or MYOB accounts with Shell Card.

Is there someone I can talk to about my Shell Card account?

Sure, call 13 16 18 and our team will be more than happy to help.

How do I order / cancel cards?

You can simply log on to Shell Card Portal and order new cards at your convenience. Alternatively, customers on Enterprise or Managed accounts can email or call our Customer Service Team on 13 16 18 to order new cards.

Smart alert notificationsSmart alert notifications

What are Smart Alerts?

Smart Alerts are customised notifications that enable you to monitor and control the usage of your card. You can set limits to parameters such as fuel volume or number of transactions and you will receive a notification if these limits are exceeded. There are also two fraud alert presets that we recommend you enable.

Can I apply the same alert to multiple cards?

Alerts can be applied to all cards within a cost centre, or all cards in an entire account. If you created an alert for a single card, you can edit the alert and change it to apply to a cost centre.

Is there a limit on how many alerts I can have?

There is no limit, however we recommend you apply alerts to accounts or cost centres where appropriate.

Why do I see different alerts than my co-workers?

Alerts are per-user, meaning you will only receive notifications for alerts you create. You cannot view or modify alerts that your co-workers have set up.

Will alerts apply to cards that I order in the future?

Yes, if the alert is applied to the account, or applied to the cost centre that the new card belongs to.

How will I be notified when my alerts have triggered?

Notifications will be sent via email each night. Notifications can also be viewed on the Shell Card Portal.

Can I change the email that my notifications are sent to?

This functionality will be added to the Shell Card Portal in the future. Currently you will need to call the Customer Support Centre on 13 16 18 to change your email.

When will new alerts become active?

Alerts become active immediately, however notifications are sent in batches overnight.

How do time-based alerts work?

Daily alerts apply to all transactions from 12:00am to 11:59pm on the same day - Weekly alerts apply to all transactions from 12:00am Monday to 11:59pm Sunday - Fortnightly alerts apply to all 12:00am Monday to 11:59pm the next Sunday, starting on the first Monday of the year. The final fortnight of the year may be less than 14 days - Monthly alerts apply to all transactions from 12:00am on the first day of the month, to 11:59pm on the last day of the month

How do I activate Smart Alerts?

Setting up Smart Alerts is simple! Follow the tutorial below to get started.
Watch tutorial here

Will my Smart Alert preferences transfer across from Shell Card Online?

Your Smart Alert settings will need to be re-set on the Shell Card Portal platform. If no action is taken to re-set your Smart Alerts, the notifications will discontinue.

Costs_and_payments_iconCosts and payments

Are there any set-up costs?

There are no set-up costs whatsoever. How good is that?!

What fees and charges are involved?

There are no admin fees, no transaction fees and no replacement card fees. There is a small surcharge if you pay your account with a credit card, and a monthly fee of $2.50 for each fuel card.

Can I pay my Shell Card invoice manually with BPAY?

No, you’ll need to set up a direct debit through a bank account or credit card.

How Can I change my payment method to AMEX?

To set up Amex as an existing customer, contact the customer service team on 13 16 18 or

Are the payment terms flexible?

We offer weekly, fortnightly and monthly payment terms. The payment terms offered will be based on a number of factors, including the types of vehicles your business uses, your monthly spend and how long you have been in business. The payment terms offered are at Viva Energy’s discretion, and subject to successfully meeting Viva Energy’s credit assessment requirements.

How often will I receive invoices?

Your invoice frequency is determined by your payment terms. We offer weekly, fortnightly or monthly invoicing options. The payment terms offered will be based on a number of factors, including the types of vehicles your business uses, your monthly spend and how long you have been in business. The payment terms offered are at Viva Energy’s discretion, and subject to successfully meeting Viva Energy’s credit assessment requirements.

What credit cards are accepted?

We accept Visa, Mastercard or Amex. Payment by Visa or Mastercard will incur a 0.4% excluding GST surcharge. Payment by Amex will incur a 1.5% excluding GST surcharge.

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