We believe in creating a workplace that respects the individual, where people can thrive and develop to their full potential in an environment that helps them to feel safe, confident and proud. An important part of this is developing work policies and practices that support diversity.

We would like to be known as a diversity-conscious employer that recognises and appreciates individual team members, regardless of age, education, gender, intellectual or physical ability, primary language, race and culture, religion, sexual orientation, physical appearance or socio-economic background.

Diversity enhances team performance and contributes to our business success, which benefits our employees, customers and shareholders alike.

We are committed to continuous improvement, and to offering best practice policies that support our people.

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Striving for gender equality

In 2021/23 we were proud to be recognised by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency as an Employer of Choice for the fourth consecutive year, with a focus on closing the gender pay gap and providing equal opportunities for our people.

We are seeking equal representation of women and men across our business, including in management roles, and have signed up to the 40:40 Vision led by HESTA committing to achieving at least 40% male and 40% female representation within our Executive Team by 2030. To reach this goal we have set the following medium and long-term targets.

By 2023 By 2027 By 2030
Women 30% 35% 40%
Men 50% 45% 40%
Any gender 20% 20% 20%



Reducing the superannuation gap

In 2017 we became the first company in Australia to introduce a policy designed to bridge the superannuation gap between men and women.

While on parental leave, our employees continue to receive superannuation contributions based on their full-time salary, for up to five years from the birth of their child. This also applies to part-time and new employees.

Providing flexible working options

We support our team members to realise their full potential, both professionally and personally, by offering a range of flexible working arrangements to meet individual circumstances. We trust our people and encourage them to choose the way they want to work, while also delivering the best business outcomes.

We also recognise that it is important that our people are available to come together at times to connect and socialise, in order to deliver business priorities as required.

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