Fuel quality assurance

The quality of all our marine fuels, including Marine Fuel Oil (MFO), Marine Gas Oil (MGO), and Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO) is strictly controlled by our Fuel Quality Assurance Systems (FQAS) to ensure full compliance with Australian standards and ISO8217 international marine standards.

Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil

The International Maritime Organisation’s sulphur cap on fuels is one of the most significant events in the shipping industry since ships started transitioning to fuel oil from coal over 100 years ago.

Viva Energy is proud to be supporting this change through our Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO).

Manufactured locally at our Geelong Refinery and available in Melbourne and Geelong, our VLSFO was the first low sulphur fuel oil to be produced in Australasia.


Marine Gas Oil

Viva Energy Marine Gas Oil (MGO) is an ultra-low sulphur (10ppm) distillate fuel designed for medium and high-speed main diesel engines, and auxiliary power units.

Through our Geelong Refinery we can also manufacture bespoke grades such as Special Antarctic Blend (SAB) diesel for use in Polar operations to meet ISO 8217:2012 DMA specifications.

We supply MGO at all 20 of our physical locations around Australia. By delivering MGO through pipeline, barge and truck options, we offer you the opportunity to optimise bunkering activities at a number of key wharf and fuel facilities.

Marine Fuel Oil 380

Viva Energy Marine Fuel Oil 380 (MFO 380) is a low cost, high energy residual fuel oil with a maximum viscosity at 50°C of 380 cSt designed for large capacity, slow and medium speed marine diesel engines.

MFO 380 offers the advantage of reduced base price and energy content. It is the most common residual marine fuel traded globally, offering greater availability and supply security.

Our MFO 380 is manufactured locally at our Geelong Refinery and is available in the ports of Sydney, Melbourne and Geelong, with multiple delivery options including barge and pipeline to provide flexibility and bunkering solutions that suit your requirements.