Convenient refuelling with Fuel2Sky

Fuel2Sky is Viva Energy’s Aviation Fuel Carnet Card. It offers many benefits to general aviation businesses that need to refuel their aircraft frequently, such as flight schools, medical and emergency services, charter and recreational flights, surveying and crop dusting businesses, and business jets.

The benefits of Fuel2Sky:

- Fast, convenient refuelling at over 50 locations throughout Australia
- Flexible payment options
- Reduced admin and paperwork
- No card fees or transaction fees
- No minimum volume requirement
- Access to our 24-hour self service dispensers.


Open an account

To open a Fuel2Sky carnet card account, simply download the Application Form.

Return your completed Application Form by email to:

Or post to:
Aviation Customer Solutions
PO Box 872
Melbourne, VIC 3001

If you need help completing the form, call our Customer Service Centre on 1300 735 793 between 8am and 8pm AEST (closed weekends and public holidays).

Download our Fuel2Sky Application Form

Non-ABN holders
Apply for a fuel card that provides access to our refuelling locations via Skyfuel

For more information

Our helpful Account Managers are standing by to create your Viva Energy Account. Make the switch today and enjoy a better standard of service.

David Volz
General Aviation Key Account Manager (Bulk fuel, Flight schools, Government and Aerial work)
Call +61 419 392 567

Monica Rivo
General Aviation Account Manager (Sports and pleasure flying)
Call +61 421 137 749

Gok Sevimli
General Aviation Account Manager (Business Jet)
Call +61 408 545 579