Drive your road transport business further


Be confident in your fuel supply

Whether you need convenient on-road refueling or a tailored bulk delivery service to your depot, we’ll keep your business moving.

Together we’ll come up with a package that suits your needs, with products that are made locally at our Geelong refinery and imported internationally through the Vitol global trading network – the world’s largest independent energy trading company.

From 20 storage terminals around the country, we deliver fuel safely and reliably to our large national retail network and to our commercial customers across Australia.

Switch to Viva Energy and enjoy the benefits:

  • We provide reliable and safe bulk petrol and diesel fuel supply with flexible solutions
  • Our culture is about people, service, excellence and accountability
  • We have one of the largest and fastest growing networks in Australia
  • Our fuel and lubricant products such as Shell Diesel Extra lead the world
  • We are absolutely focused on HSSE
  • Our online tools give you convenient and streamlined fuel management
  • We offer a reward program through our Alliance partner Coles Express
  • Our investment in infrastructure and services supports local communities
  • We offer regular discounts with Shell Card

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Make your fuel management easy with Shell Card

Shell Card is the easy and convenient way to refuel your trucks and fleets, and can reduce the time you spend on administration and paperwork. Sophisticated online management and reporting tools can also help you control your operational costs.

Enjoy the advantages of our competitive pricing and flexible payment options, with up to 51 days interest free, no transaction fees and a plan tailored to your business.

Learn more about Shell Card

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Enjoy safe and secure bulk deliveries

We can deliver a wide range of products in bulk to your depots. We’ll assess all your delivery sites to make sure they’re safe for our people, your people and the environment.

Our commitment to HSSE means you can trust us to provide you with products that are as safe as they are reliable.


Viva Managed Inventory (VMI)

VMI takes care of your on-site inventory and logistics, so when you choose our VMI service dipping tanks manually is a thing of the past.


This can result in:
Improved efficiency
Reduced operating costs
Improved safety
Improved fuel stock visibility
Reduced downtime
Optimisation of your working capital


Infrastructure solutions

We can provide expert advice on tank solutions to improve safety and efficiency. We also offer engineering consultations, to determine your best possible equipment and site layout solutions.


Paperless Delivery

Paper documents can be a challenge to complete and organise, so we’ve come up with an innovative solution: Sign on Glass. No more storage issues, misplaced paperwork or delays. It also reduces manual data entry – and therefore the opportunity for errors.


Watch how we do things

See for yourself how switching to Viva Energy can transform your business refuelling for the better by watching our short videos.

On-road refuelling with Shell Card

Our fast growing, truck friendly network

Simplified bulk fuel buying

About us

About our fuels & lubricants

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Keep your fleet in peak condition

Shell Diesel Extra and Shell Rimula are designed specifically for the transport industry to make working vehicles more productive. These are world class products, and they’re supported by the best technical team in the business.

Shell Diesel

A low-sulphur automotive diesel suitable for use in high-speed diesel engines in both automotive and industrial applications.

Shell Diesel Extra

Designed to keep engines in peak condition, to get more kilometres per tank and deliver fuel savings over the life of your vehicles.


Designed for use in heavy-duty diesel engines with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, reducing exhaust oxides of nitrogen from engine exhaust emissions to meet Australia’s minimum emissions requirements.


We also offers a range of high-end technical lubricant services to keep your fleet performing at its best by improving equipment efficiency, prolonging vehicle life and reducing downtime.


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