A reliable energy future  

Viva Energy’s proposed gas terminal is infrastructure designed to diversify and strengthen our gas supply options. It’s a flexible and cost-effective solution that would allow us to bring gas from other parts of Australia or anywhere in the world, providing energy security for as long as we need gas.

More than two million Victorian households and 65,000 businesses currently rely on gas, however, south-east Australia is facing gas shortfalls as traditional supplies from Bass Strait are running out.

Transitioning all of these homes and industry to alternative energies is difficult and can’t happen overnight so gas will be needed as a critical part of Victoria’s energy mix for many years to come.

The Australian Government’s Future Gas Strategy (2023) says: “Gas is expected to play a key role as the electricity sector moves to renewable energy sources. Gas, alongside electricity storage, will support electricity grid firming. Grid firming means the ability to keep the electricity grid stable when energy from other sources, such as renewables, becomes intermittent.”

The project would require a Floating Gas Terminal, an extension to Refinery Pier, a Treatment Facility and a new pipeline.

Having the Gas Terminal adjacent to the Geelong Refinery in a heavily industrialised port, would leverage our capability as an existing Major Hazard Facility (MHF) operator and offer potential synergies between the two facilities, including the re-use of seawater.

Over the two-year construction period, the project would provide 150-200+ jobs and around 70 ongoing local jobs once the terminal is in full operations.

The project is subject to the relevant regulatory and Board approvals.

Aerial view of the proposed Gas Terminal

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The Gas Terminal Project includes:

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