Working with the Geelong community

We are committed to giving back to our local community. Role models are at the core of everything we do. Our efforts are directed into community projects that support mental health, Indigenous participation and substance misuse. We do this by working with our people, our communities and our business practices.

National community partners

Over a four-year period we’re investing significantly in community projects that support our three focus areas: mental health, substance misuse and Indigenous participation. We have a number of national community partnerships, but our main partners are headspace, Cathy Freeman Foundation, Amity Community Services and The Council for Aboriginal Alcohol Programs (CAAPS).

Read more about our community partnerships.

Northern Futures – Geelong

The three-year partnership provides scholarships that help people experiencing mental illness or substance misuse to remain in education or gain employment. The scholarships remove financial barriers to participation in Northern Futures programs. Since the program began in 2016, more than 30 students have received scholarships ranging from $75 for a forklift licence to $1,800 to assist with childcare.

Learn more about Northern Futures.

Geelong sports sponsorships

Sport plays a big role in the North Geelong community – and we’re all for it, because research has shown that regular exercise and physical activity can reduce stress and the symptoms of mental health conditions. AFL, soccer, netball and cricket are the highest participation sports in the area local to the refinery, and we partner with several of these types of clubs to make it easier for people (particularly children) to participate. Our support also helps the clubs to remain sustainable.

Some of the clubs we support are:

Local and social procurement

We use our procurement processes and purchasing power to support local and social enterprises such as Gen U, a social enterprise engaged to run the Geelong Refinery cafeteria and provide gardening services. We are also a signatory on GROW – a joint regional initiative between Give Where You Live and G21 to address disadvantage in areas of high unemployment.