We have commenced Ship-to-Ship (STS) transfers at Crib Point Jetty to support our existing crude oil import program and accommodate vessels that are unable to visit the Geelong Refinery Pier due to Corio Bay shipping channel size and draft limits.

STS transfer is the process of transferring crude oil between two vessels to reduce the discharging vessel's draft, enabling it to access shipping channels and port facilities that can’t otherwise be accessed.

Conducting STS transfers will help to improve our shipping economics and make our refinery more competitive against other international and local refineries and import terminals.

a) charter larger ships;
b) fully load the ships we charter; or
c) purchase larger, more economic parcels of crude oil.

STS transfers are conducted routinely around the world and have a strong operational and safety record globally. STS transfers have previously been conducted in Australian waters at multiple locations, including as a routine activity at Crib Point.

Meticulous planning has been undertaken to ensure STS operations can be undertaken with zero harm to people and the environment and are being undertaken with all the necessary regulatory approvals.

An example of a typical STS transfer operation: