History and operations

Viva Energy’s Geelong Refinery began operations in 1954. Today it’s one of two refineries remaining in Australia, employing around 700 people and supplying over 50 percent of Victoria’s and 10 percent of Australia’s fuel.

The refinery can process up to 120,000 barrels of oil per day, manufacturing petrol, diesel, LPG, jet fuel, avgas, bitumen, specialty solvents for a wide range of industries, and Low Aromatic Fuel to support the Federal Government’s petrol-sniffing prevention program.

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Environment and safety

The Geelong Refinery is a major hazard facility and we are committed to operating it safely and responsibly. One of the more noticeable parts of the refinery is the flare, which is actually a safety valve. For more information about the flare and the role it plays, please read theFlare Fact Sheet.

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Monitoring our performance

We are also committed to continual improvement of our environmental performance, and to reducing the risk of any potential impact as a result of our operations or products.

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In the community

The refinery is a large employer committed to supporting the local community in Geelong. In partnership with local organisations G-Force and Northern Futures, we provide unique apprenticeship and training opportunities which have equipped many young apprentices with a range of highly employable skills.

We also recognise the importance of being an active contributor in the local Geelong community and we are committed to building strong relationships and making a positive difference.

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Contact us

Operational matters

If you have an enquiry about the refinery’s operations or environmental performance, please call 1800 651 818. This line operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. An experienced operator will either answer your question or record your query and make sure it’s followed up.

Emergency Services

In the unlikely event of a serious incident and you need to act, emergency services will broadcast on ABC radio 774 AM, as well as on local radio stations and social media. There’s no need to take action if there are no messages from emergency services.

The Geelong Refinery alarm is a part of the refinery’s safety system and it is intended for on-site personnel only.

We test our safety alarms every Tuesday at 9am.

Refinery Alert Service

We can provide businesses and community members with alerts and information about developments at the refinery, such as alarms or incidents that may impact local traffic.
To register, simply email your request to join the Refinery Alert Service and provide your mobile number. Also provide your street address if you wish receive alerts relevant to your specific location.

Please note: Viva Energy will only use and disclose your personal information for the primary purpose of delivering this service. The Refinery Alert Service will be delivered to you via the MessageMedia platform. Viva Energy will disclose your personal information to MessageMedia for the primary purpose of delivering the Refinery Alert Service and we will otherwise hold, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. You can see details of Viva Energy’s Privacy Policy HERE.

General Enquiries

Communications Department
Viva Energy Geelong Refinery
Refinery Road
Corio VIC 3214

Email: geelongrefinery-au@vivaenergy.com.au
Call: 1800 651 818