Geelong Refinery

Geelong Refinery ArielThe Viva Energy Geelong Refinery is one four refineries remaining in Australia. It supplies over 50% of Victoria’s and 10% of Australia’s fuel and employs more than 700 people.

Our refinery is one of the few in the Southern Hemisphere that produce Avgas, which is used by piston engine planes. We also produce bitumen, and solvents used in mining, paint and adhesives.

As well, the refinery provides feedstock for the Lyondell Basell polypropylene plant, which is located within the refinery.

Fuel manufactured at Geelong can be bought through the Shell Coles Express Network as well as Shell and Liberty branded service stations across the state.



Clyde aerial view

Clyde & Parramatta Terminals

Operates as a fuel storage terminal.

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Gore Bay Terminal

Operates as a fuel import and storage facility.

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Newport Terminal

Operates as a fuel storage terminal.

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SIRE Inspection Requests

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