SIRE Inspection Reports

When a SIRE Inspection conducted by one of our approved inspectors is completed, the report will be reviewed by the Viva Energy Australia Marine Vetting Group before being released to OCIMF and the vessel’s Operator through the SIRE system.

The ship owner will then be advised of a period in which a further operational inspection will not normally be required. This advice does not constitute a blanket approval: all vessels are vetted each time they present for Viva Energy business or need to berth at one of our terminals or facilities.

Protocol for barges

Barges follow a similar protocol, however the OCIMF Barge SIRE Inspection Questionnaire (BIQ) template is used.

SIRE Inspection Reports are maintained on the OCIMF Index for 12 months from the date of receipt and are maintained on this database for 2 years.


Gaining approval

During the vessel’s screening, any observation that we consider to be high risk will be referred back to the vessel’s Operator. We will only accept the vessel for use when we are satisfied that the issue has been successfully closed-out, which must be documented in evidence provided by the Operator.

For more information

Request a vetting or SIRE Inspection from the OCIMF.
Our Marine Vetting Team is available 8:30am to 5pm AEST Monday to Friday.
Call 1300 020 356