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Tackling Australia’s truck driver shortage
What is Australia doing to address the national truck driver shortage? Not a lot, says Peter Anderson, Chief Executive Officer of the Victorian Transport Association (VTA). However, Peter can identify some solutions to the shortage and is starting to see positive steps forward for the transport industry.Read more >
The value of synthetic lubricants to the mining industry
If you want your business – and your equipment – to run like a well-oiled machine, you need to make the most of your lubricants. Here, Viva Energy Australia’s National Technical Manager Darren Barwick shares his insights on optimising your lubrication.Read more >
Trials of driverless trucks begin in Australia
It's only a matter of time before an autonomous truck makes its debut on Australian roads. Trials are already being run by large transport firms and manufacturers in Europe and the US, with considerable success. Read more >

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