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Aviation Manager Greg Atkin: on the importance of creating mutual value
Aviation Key Account Manager Greg Atkin has worked in the aviation industry for over 23 years and understands what it takes to create mutual value between Viva Energy and some of the largest domestic and international airlines operating in Australia.Read more >
Extensive Local Research with Shell Synthetic Lubricants Delivers Strong Fuel Economy Benefits
The transport industry is continually striving for efficiencies as operating costs increase. For truck fleets of all sizes, a major cost input is for the fuel and lubricants to keep them moving.Read more >
Committed to Corio foreshore
David Braiden knows the value of working together to protect what’s important. As Geelong Refinery’s Major Environment Projects Lead, he plays a vital role in helping Viva Energy preserve and protect our natural environment around a major manufacturing facility.Read more >

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