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Driving a culture of safety in the workplace
Safely managing the operation of hazardous facilities requires a strong commitment to put our people, our customers, and our community first. It is this attitude that has led to our operations from Birkenhead and Port Lincoln, to Mackay and Devonport achieving some incredible safety milestones – with these terminals having no recordable injury or loss of containment incidents over the space of the last five through to 25 years. Read more >
Doing good together: one day. 100 countries. 3.5 million people
Launched in Israel in 2007, Good Deeds Day is now a global movement that brings together the simple idea that every single person can do something good, be it large or small, to help others and make a lasting difference.Read more >
Fuel storage: How compliance is driving innovation at Viva Energy
When you’re operating in a highly regulated and hazardous environment, there’s no room for error, safe operations and adhering to the regulations is critical. But that doesn’t mean sticking with the status quo.Read more >

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