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Palm Island - making a difference to young Indigenous lives
Our partnership with the Cathy Freeman Foundation (CFF) recently opened up an unforgettable opportunity for a few people in our team to visit the wonderful community on Palm Island. For me it was an extraordinary experience which I was fortunate to share with our Consumer General Manager and head of our Indigenous Advisory Committee, Daniel Ridgway, Community Manager, Jo Powell, QLD Territory Manager, Katie Dwyer, and Talent Acquisition Lead, Nick Jones.Read more >
Fuel storage: How compliance is driving innovation at Viva Energy
When you’re operating in a highly regulated and hazardous environment, there’s no room for error, safe operations and adhering to the regulations is critical. But that doesn’t mean sticking with the status quo.Read more >
Ship to Shore: Tracking a 40 year career in the maritime industry
The value that experienced employees bring to a business is immeasurable. In the case of Viva Energy Australia’s Marine Technical Advisor Bryan Warburton, a willingness to continue learning and be adaptive to change has led to a staggering 40 year globetrotting career in the maritime industry.Read more >

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