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Geelong Refinery - supporting local manufacturing for 65 years
Over the last six decades, the refinery has seen many changes, including a strengthening in our safety focus, and it continues to evolve to meet the fuel needs of Australian motorists and businesses.Read more >
A product launch fuelled by customer needs and teamwork
Customer demand for diesel fuel is growing. That’s why Viva Energy, the exclusive licensee of Shell products in Australia, resolved to bring a new premium diesel fuel to the Australian market. The launch of Shell V-Power Diesel involved virtually all parts of the business, co-operating as a team to deliver a great product for our customers.Read more >
How more accurate weather forecasts are changing operations in the marine industry
From tankers delivering crude oil and refined products, to the barges that refuel ships going to and from Australia, vessels are a vital part of Viva Energy’s operations. Now, thanks to more accurate weather forecasting, our marine operations are safer and more reliable than ever.Read more >

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