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Paving the way to a successful career in the bitumen industry
After seven years’ working for Shell in the United Kingdom, our Bitumen Technical Manager Dr Nigel Preston set his sights on conquering the road less travelled. Read more >
Celebrating Geelong’s unsung heroes
People are at the heart and soul of any community, and we’re proud that we can celebrate some of the unsung heroes that make such a big difference in our communities, through our Club Legend Sports Award. We talked to our two local Club Legends from Geelong and saw first-hand the impact that this award and recognition has had on them and their clubs.Read more >
Complying with AS1940 – the safe storage and handling of fuel
Last year, the Australian Standard for The Storage and Handling of Flammable and Combustible Liquids (AS1940) was updated for the first time in over a decade. Product Support Engineer at Viva Energy Australia, Jeremy Teo discusses the key changes and what they mean for the fuel industry and our bulk fuel customers within the mining, transport, and oil and gas industries. Read more >

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