Supporting voluntary climate action

Viva Energy has released a range of opt-in carbon fuels and products, certified under the Australian Government’s Climate Active scheme, that can be tailored to provide optimal solutions for emissions reduction today and into the future. Offsetting is not the only requirement for certification. Additionally, the measurement of emissions, independent validation of carbon calculations and the publication of an annual Public Disclosure Statement detailing the carbon neutral claim are also requirements for certification.

Climate Active is an ongoing partnership between the Australian Government and Australian businesses to drive voluntary climate action. Offsetting your operations is a complementary stepping-stone to other future carbon reduction opportunities.


How carbon offsetting works

Carbon offsetting is a voluntary way for companies to cancel out their carbon emissions by investing in projects that reduce or remove these emissions.

Particularly helpful where companies can’t reduce or eliminate greenhouse gas emissions, purchasing carbon credits to balance out, or offset, emissions is one option for achieving sustainability goals.

Offsetting can also form part of wider program for companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Infographic adapted from Climate Active

Choosing your carbon credits

Climate Active Carbon Neutral certification is based on the Australian Government’s Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard and indicates the credibility of purchased offsets.

We offset by buying a range of approved carbon credits, generated from Australian and International carbon abatement projects. These carbon credits represent different types of verified and approved projects that reduce, remove or avoid greenhouse gas emissions.

Viva Energy offers a bespoke carbon credit portfolio, where you can choose the ratio of International or Australian credits to provide optimal flexibility in reaching your specific corporate goals and values.

Carbon reduction without disruption

Because our products require no physical change to be certified carbon neutral, they can be used as you’ve always used them – with the same machinery and infrastructure. This makes them a low-cost alternative to other sustainability options.

Our Carbon Solutions offer is an end-to-end offsetting service with the purchase and retirement of offsets on your behalf.

Carbon offset projects we support

We believe it’s important to support local communities, and we seek diverse initiatives and geographic locations when selecting Carbon Credit projects.

The projects offer many benefits, including reducing the impact of climate change, supporting Australian biodiversity, and providing employment opportunities for Australian Indigenous people.

Our carbon credit portfolio is sourced from offset projects such as:
- Savanna fire management
- Nature-based reforestation projects
- Renewable energy projects
- Vegetation projects
- Waste to energy

Project Example: Cool Fire Australia

Arnhem Land in the Northern Territory is prone to extreme, devastating wildfires that affect the landscape, people, plants and animals.

Cool Fire Australia projects are owned exclusively by First Nation peoples with custodial responsibility for those parts of Arnhem Land under active bushfire management.

Local rangers conduct controlled burns early in the dry season to reduce fuel on the ground and establish a mosaic of natural firebreaks, preventing bigger, hotter and uncontrolled wildfires later in the season.

The projects provide employment and training opportunities for local rangers while supporting First Nation peoples in returning to, remaining on, and managing their country.

Communities are supported in the preservation and transfer of knowledge, the maintenance of First Nation languages and the wellbeing of traditional custodians.

Disclaimer Viva Energy’s Carbon Neutral Products are certified under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral certification scheme. The terms ‘Climate Active’ and ‘Climate Active Certification’ are used by Viva Energy under licence. The carbon abatement projects and suppliers from which Viva Energy acquires and retires eligible carbon credits are subject to change. Information relating to particular carbon abatement projects is subject to change at any time and without notice. Although specific carbon abatement projects may be highlighted on this website, Viva Energy reserves the right to acquire eligible offset units listed under the Climate Active standards, which are specified in Appendix A of the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard for Products and Service. Viva Energy’s Climate Active Certification and Public Disclosure Statements are available on the Climate Active website, which may be updated from time to time. Viva Energy is not liable for any errors in the information on this website, its Public Disclosure Statements, the Climate Active website or any information in connection with its Climate Active Carbon Neutral certification.

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