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Viva Energy has a suite of Climate Active certified opt-in carbon neutral products that can be used across a wide range of industries.

Our first accredited product – opt-in carbon neutral jet fuel, was launched in early 2021. In partnership with Alliance Airlines, the inaugural 90-minute flight offset 14.5 tonnes of carbon emissions.

The next accredited product – Opt-in Carbon Neutral Diesel, was launched in May 2023. In partnerships with Crown Coaches, their fleet of over 150 buses and coaches are filled with Opt-in Carbon Neutral Diesel.

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Product range

Our suite of opt-in carbon neutral products are suitable for a wide range of industries, from aviation to transport, marine and mining.

Carbon neutral aviation fuels

- Jet A-1
- Avgas

Carbon neutral bitumen products

- Standard Bitumen
- Polymer Modified Binders (ATS3110)
- Cutbacks (AS2157)
- Cutters and Fluxes (AAPA Advisory Note 21)
- Pre-Coat
- Specialty Binders

Carbon neutral ground fuels

- Diesel Extra
- Diesel
- Premium Unleaded 98
- Unleaded 95
- Unleaded 91

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Carbon neutral marine fuels

- Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil
- Marine Gas Oil
- Marine Fuel Oil 380

Carbon neutral solvents

- A wide range of solvents


All products are offered on an opt-in basis.

Disclaimer Viva Energy’s Carbon Neutral Products are certified under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral certification scheme. The terms ‘Climate Active’ and ‘Climate Active Certification’ are used by Viva Energy under licence. The carbon abatement projects and suppliers from which Viva Energy acquires and retires eligible carbon credits are subject to change. Information relating to particular carbon abatement projects is subject to change at any time and without notice. Although specific carbon abatement projects may be highlighted on this website, Viva Energy reserves the right to acquire eligible offset units listed under the Climate Active standards, which are specified in Appendix A of the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard for Products and Service. Viva Energy’s Climate Active Certification and Public Disclosure Statements are available on the Climate Active website, which may be updated from time to time. Viva Energy is not liable for any errors in the information on this website, its Public Disclosure Statements, the Climate Active website or any information in connection with its Climate Active Carbon Neutral certification.

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