Solutions for today, tomorrow and the future

To be both feasible and commercially viable, Australia’s transition to net zero emissions requires a mix of short, medium and long-term solutions.

The journey to a lower-carbon future begins with today’s technologies, products and solutions while we continue to develop tomorrow’s low or zero-carbon energy options.


Today’s Solutions

- Low Viscosity Lubricants
- Premium Addivated Fuels
- Biodiesel
- Carbon Accounting
- Opt-in Carbon Neutral Products
- Electric Charging Network

Future Horizons

- Low Carbon Biomethane (CNG/LNG)
- Sustainable Aviation Fuel
- Renewable Diesel
- Low Carbon Gasoline
- Alternative Refinery Feedstocks
- Green Hydrogen
- Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Emerging low carbon opportunities

We have a range of current pathways, as well as, investigating a range of solutions to support our customers future carbon reduction ambitions.

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Investing in a publicly accessible service station that offers commercial-scale, hydrogen refuelling for heavy vehicles.

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Electric Charging

Electric vehicle charging and infrastructure.

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A range of FAME-based biodiesel blends across Australia.

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Renewable Diesels

A range of innovative diesel options to drive efficiencies and reduced emissions.

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Biomethane via investment with Wagabox Technology.

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Sustainable Fuels

Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) and Marine Fuels.

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Low Carbon Products

Novel co-processing opportunities and alternative feedstock streams.

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Recycled Products

Circular economy solutions and technologies.

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Lubricant Technologies

Environmentally friendly solutions that drive efficiencies and lower fuel consumption.

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