Enabling Defence Capability

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Viva Energy provides a range of hydrocarbon solutions to the Australian Defence Force and other government agencies. Our products and services, delivered through our expert team, support and enable a multitude of critical Defence activities across Australia and its territories. We supply a significant range of commercial and military specification products, specialist technical advice, product quality guidance, asset management and asset maintenance delivery to Defence.

Viva Energy understands that the requirements for Defence may differ from those of other commercial customers. We acknowledge the complexities associated with maintaining, operating and leveraging the Defence Fuel Supply Chain (DFSC) in its current configuration. We support Defence's ambition to deliver a safer, simpler and more assured Defence Fuels Network, in partnership with the Defence industry.

We are proud of our long history with the Australian Defence Force and look forward to continuing to build our strategic partnership. 

Viva Energy continues to actively engage with broader industry to enhance our collective service delivery to Defence along the length of the DFSC, where appropriate to do so. Should you be interested in working with us or collaborating, please feel free to contact Richard Xin 

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For all Defence enquiries, please contact Richard Xin.

Email: r.xin@vivaenergy.com.au 
Phone: +61 407 685 392