Strengthening Australia’s Fuel Reserves

As part of the Australian Government’s “Boosting Australia’s Diesel Storage Program”, Viva Energy is building additional diesel storage within the grounds of its Geelong Refinery. The availability of land and existing infrastructure to support importation, manufacture and distribution of diesel into the Victorian market, makes the Geelong Refinery an ideal location.

Three diesel storage tanks of 30 million litres usable capacity each will be housed in the North West corner of the Refinery site.

Project Overview

The key aspects of the project include:

  • Best practice design and engineering for the tanks and associated infrastructure.

  • Fixed roof tank construction including foundations and impermeable liner, compliant with all required industry and statutory codes.

  • Compound tank bunding compliant with statutory requirements.

  • Piping connections into the existing Refinery system including the Jetty and pipelines that deliver fuel to Melbourne.

  • Firefighting protection compliant with statutory and Viva Energy requirements taking into account location, neighbouring facilities, and separation distances.

  • Closed water-draining system.

  • Tank level gauging and alarms consistent with industry practice and statutory requirements, and interconnection into the Refinery systems.

  • Relevant studies on environmental emissions modelling, vegetation, noise, traffic management, bushfire management and fire safety.


The construction site is flanked by Refinery Road #3 to the East, Truck Loading Gantry to the South, Rail Easement to the West and Refinery Road #16 to the North. This site was largely vacant disturbed ground formally occupied by bitumen storage tanks and a rail loading facility.

Construction is expected to be completed by mid-2024.