Certified to Australian specifications

Our wide range of bitumen products are certified to Australian specifications and are AS/NZS ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems accredited. We are committed to quality and supplying our products on grade, on time, and at the required temperature.

We manufacture bitumen at our Geelong Refinery. To provide our customers with the bitumen products they need, where they are needed, we tailor our supply of asphalt binders, cutters and fluxes, polymer modified binders and crumb rubber binders, to our network of world-class import and blending facilities.


Standard Bitumen (AS2008)

The full range of conventional grade bitumen products, C170, C240, C320, C450 and C600.

Polymer Modified Binders (ATS3110)

Polymer modified binders and crumb rubber modified binders, suitable for the most demanding asphalt and sprayed sealing applications. 

Cutbacks (AS2157)

Cutback bitumen covering the AMC range, formulated with our high flashpoint kerosene.

Cutters and Fluxes (AAPA Advisory Note 21)

Highly refined hydrocarbon solvents, with high flashpoints for cutting and fluxing road grade bitumen for temporary viscosity reduction of bitumen.


Fluxed bitumen for aggregate precoating.

Specialty Binders

We also offer specialty solution-based binders for unique applications such as racetracks and airports.

Our Technical Data Sheets provide a comprehensive list of our bitumen products and their applications.

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