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Viva Energy Australia has completed the acquisition of LyondellBasell Australia.

Viva Energy is the sole manufacturer of polypropylene in Australia and Australia’s major importer of polyolefins and solutions. The Geelong based polymer manufacturing plant produces polypropylene, a base material used to produce diverse plastic products such as flexible packaging films, labels and bank note substrate, non-woven fibres, houseware and consumer products, caps and closures, rigid tubs, trays and pots, blow moulded jars and bottles, stationary and industrial sheeting, profiles and piping. Our local Market Development Laboratory provides advanced technical and product development support for our polymer products.

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Keeping pellet loss under control

Viva Energy is a Operation Clean Sweep® partner, a global initiative created by the Plastics Industry Trade Association to help control pellet loss to the environment. We are committed to Operation Clean Sweep's goal of zero pellet loss, and we encourage our customers to make the pledge introduce the recommended processes and practices to prevent pellet loss to the environment too.

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