Amanda Fleming talks ten key lessons in leadership for The Shift

In the lead-up to International Women’s Day, Viva Energy’s Chief Digital and Transformation Officer Amanda Fleming shares the ten key lessons she’s learnt in her journey to leadership.

05 Mar 2024
  • Viva Energy Australia

In the lead-up to International Women’s Day 2024, join Amanda Fleming, Chief Digital and Transformation Officer at Viva Energy, as she unfolds the chapters of her leadership journey. With a rich career spanning Australia, Europe, and the United States, Amanda shares her profound insights and unveils the ten pivotal lessons she has learned along the way. In this episode of The Shift for International Women’s Day, Amanda shares invaluable lessons drawn from her personal and professional experiences. From prioritising moments that matter to championing change and fostering authenticity, Amanda shares the essentials for carving a successful path in leadership, as well as the transformative initiatives undertaken at Viva Energy to address gender imbalances. Learn about the efforts made to empower women in traditionally male-dominated sectors, showcasing a significant shift in workplace dynamics and culture.