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Viva Energy has announced that it is assessing a number of future energy development projects that could be co-located with the Geelong refinery, diversifying and strengthening operations at the site. If implemented, these would establish Geelong as a future “Energy Hub” for Victoria and South East Australia, providing ongoing employment for skilled workers in Geelong and enhance energy security for the country.

Having been part of the Geelong community since 1954, Geelong Refinery already supplies around 50% of Victoria’s liquid fuel needs – the energy hub could see the facility taking a leading role in supplying gas for Victoria as well as supporting the development of other energy solutions.

At the centre of the energy hub would be the development of a new Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) import terminal. Development of an LNG import terminal would require an extension of the existing Refinery Pier, the mooring of a Floating Regasification and Storage Unit (FSRU) at the new berth, and construction of a new ~6.5km pipeline to take the gas from the facility to the existing gas transmission system.

Geelong Refinery is an existing industrial site and Viva Energy is an experienced energy provider and operator of major hazard facilities and pipelines across the country, delivering energy to our customers safely and reliably.

Read our Geelong Energy Hub press release here (PDF 238.5KB)

Energy Hub

The Geelong Energy Hub sets out a strategic vision to support the energy transformation underway in Victoria and Australia while underpinning the future viability of our refinery. The Energy Hub comprises a number of potential projects, including a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) import facility, a solar energy farm and battery, the potential for hydrogen and alternative fuels production, and the opportunity to develop strategic oil storage to help support Australia’s fuel supply security.

Importantly these projects would support and generate new jobs and skills and economic development for the Geelong region – making it the energy gateway for Victoria.

Further information about the Energy Hub can be found in this factsheet

Project Benefits

We are contemplating the energy hub for a range of reasons and can see benefits for Viva Energy and also for Victoria.

We need more gas – The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), several independent studies and numerous commentators have concluded that the east coast of Australia and Victoria in particular, are predicted to be short of gas by early to mid-2020’s (AEMO). An LNG import terminal is a cost effective way of bringing gas from where it is produced to where it is needed – like a ‘virtual pipeline’.

Support for more renewables – Victoria has ambitious renewable energy targets and gas, when used for power generation, can provide important firming and peaking capability to support renewable power generation. In addition, the solar farm and battery could power part of the refinery’s electricity needs, helping to reduce our carbon footprint.

Development of alternative energies – The site could also be used to produce other lower emission energy sources such as hydrogen.

Diversification important for Geelong refinery to remain viable and protect jobs – Adding another revenue stream to the Geelong refinery can help with the site’s sustainability, protect the 700 jobs we support, and generate new jobs and skills in Geelong in gas and other energies.


We plan to consult and engage with the local community and other relevant stakeholders along the way as this will be key to providing relevant information so the community can feel confident about the Project.

A community engagement schedule will be made available through our website in due course.

Further information

We have compiled some frequently asked questions about the Geelong Energy Hub.


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