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All our products are made with passion and expertise, and to exacting standards. Australia needs a wide range of fuels, lubricants, chemicals and bitumen, and we provide them with local production, imported supply and reliable delivery Australia wide.

We make products locally at our Geelong refinery and import products through our trading partner, Vitol, one of the world's largest independent traders.

From about 20 import and storage terminals around the country, our supply chain delivers all over Australia – to our large retail network and to our commercial customers, wherever they need us.


Standard Bitumen and Multigrade

Polymer Modified Binders


Cutters and fluxes



Fuel Products

Download a copy of a Technical Data Sheet (TDS) for the Shell products below:

Shell V-Power 98:

Shell Premium 98:

Shell Unleaded 95:

Shell Unleaded 91:

Shell V-Power Diesel:

Shell Diesel:

Shell Diesel Extra:

Viva Energy Diesel:

Shell Unleaded E10:

Shell Unleaded 91 Low Aromatic:

Viva Energy Unleaded 91, 95, and 98 Petrol:

Shell AutoGas:


Viva Energy Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil:

Viva Energy Marine Fuel Oil 380:

Viva Energy Avgas 100LL:


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