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Viva Energy has a range of detergent and degreaser products for general and heavy-duty requirements. Our Technical Helpdesk will be able to advise you on the best product for your needs.

Our product range

Dobotex Gold Detergent

A water based multi-purpose cleaner for cleaning equipment and surfaces in industrial, mining, automotive and transport applications.

Dobotex Platinum Detergent

A water based quick break detergent for heavy duty industrial, mining, automotive and transport applications.

Dobotex Aqua Degreaser

A readily biodegradable water based degreaser with a neutral PH, which leaves a completely non-greasy surface.

Degreasing Fluid

A solvent based degreaser to penetrate oil and grease bound dirt while maintaining premium safety standards.

Quick Break Degreasing Fluid

Designed to remove heavy oils and greases with a quick breaking time where the separation of oil and water is important, such as in interceptor pits.

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