We are proud of our commitment to continue refining at Geelong and our aim is to build a sustainable long-term future for the refinery.

We are currently undertaking a number of projects - many of which will increase the productivity and performance of the refinery.

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Geelong Refinery StackPainting the stack

Letters on top of the 120m tower painted.

The Geelong Refinery “Shell” stack has graced the town’s skyline for over 35 years. Following our purchase of the business, we repainted it in August 2015.

For Viva Energy the work signifies a public step forward as new owners and operators of the refinery – a facility that has been an important part of Geelong community since 1954.

Shell contributed a great deal to Geelong. Viva Energy is committed to being a part of its future.

Watch below how the team painted the 120m stack.
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Stack Facts:

  • The stack was constructed in 1979.
  • It is 120m (or 45 storeys) high.
  • It has a 2m thick foundation.
  • Constructing the tower required 1200M3 of concrete – equivalent to 200 concrete trucks.
  • Its base is 6m thick, tapering to 2m at the top.
  • Re-painting requires about 100L of paint.

Geelong Refinery TurnaroundMajor Maintenance

Viva Energy committed $150M in 2015-16 to conduct two intensive maintenance events known as “turnarounds”.

A “turnaround” is a detailed service (similar to your car’s regular service) across sections of the refinery, involving inspection, repair and upgrade of various plant vessels and machinery. Each turnaround requires 18 months of planning, with part of the refinery being shut down for around 60 days.

Turnarounds occur every four to six years and aim to improve the reliability, efficiency and operating costs of the refinery - just like a regular service on your car. The first turnaround was conducted in 2015 on the Crude Distiller and Platformer 3, with this second turnaround occuring between September and October on the Cracker unit. This event alone is valued at $100M and will involve over 1,000 people working on site.

Viva Energy is committed to minimising impact on the community as a result of these works, and has been working with the EPA with this aim. However, at times and dependent on weather, you may notice some odour, dust, noise or high flaring, particularly as pre-work starts in late August and at the beginning to the turnaround in early September and toward the end of the event in (late October / November / early December). There will also be additional traffic travelling to and from site throughout this period. For further information, please call our community line on 1800 651 818.

Safety underpins everything we do and with so many extra people on site during a turnaround, we must all be even more vigilant about safety. For every Goal Zero day achieved (that is, no harm to people or impact to the environment) Viva Energy in conjunction with its’ contractor partners will donate $2000 to our community partner Very Special Kids (VSK). VSK is a children’s charity that helps more than 900 families across Victoria who have a child with a life-threatening condition with ongoing support from diagnosis all the way through to recovery or bereavement. The free-of-charge family support services include counselling, advocacy, sibling support, bereavement support, networking and peer activities, trained family volunteers and specialist care at Very Special Kids Hospice. Each family is supported in unique and varying ways according to their personal needs.

Geelong Refinery PipelinesPipeline upgrade

We are investing $23M to construct a fuel-pumping station on the pipeline between the Geelong Refinery and Newport Terminal.

The pumping station will increase the amount of fuel that can be transferred from the refinery via pipeline to Melbourne by more than 25%.

The new pumping station provides additional capacity on the pipeline equivalent to 100 trucks per day moving fuel from Geelong to Melbourne on the Princess Highway.

The pumping station is located on land leased from Melbourne Water on the outskirts of Werribee, halfway between the Geelong Refinery and Melbourne. Specifically, the project includes installation of the pumping station, a new pump at Geelong Refinery as well as pipeline and storage tank safety improvements.

Construction is well underway and due to be completed in 2016.

Geelong Refinery Crude tankCrude tank

Late in 2015, the Viva Energy Board approved the construction of a new 100ML super crude tank.

Viva Energy is building the new crude oil tank in an existing industrial zone on Station Street. Situated next to five existing tanks, the tank will be set back 250 metres from the road and be buffered by trees.

This new crude tank will significantly increase the production capabilities of the refinery by enabling us to source a wider variety of crude oils, increase our flexibility to blend crudes, and enable ships to fully unload when they are discharging at the refinery. This is an important project to help build a sustainable, long-term future for the refinery.

Safety will underpin the development and operations of the tank. Managing the safe importation and storage of crude oil and petroleum products has been a core part of our business for over 60 years and is a priority for Viva Energy. The addition of a new crude oil tank will be incorporated into our existing major hazard facility (MHF) licence from Worksafe Victoria.

As part of the project, Viva Energy undertook a range of studies required to gain approvals from both the City of Greater Geelong and the EPA. Work commenced on the crude tank in February 2016.

The construction of the crude tank is expected to be completed in 2017.

Tank facts

The new crude tank will:

  • Be approximately 21 metres high
  • Have a diameter of 84 metres
  • Have capacity to hold 100 million litres of crude oil – the equivalent of 40 Olympic swimming pools