August community meeting

07 Sep 2022

Viva Energy provided an update on projects that are planned or underway at the Geelong Energy Hub at a community information session at the Norlane Community Centre on August 29.

Ultra-Low Sulphur Gasoline
The Ultra-Low Sulphur Gasoline Project will improve the quality of petrol produced at Geelong refinery by reducing the maximum sulphur content from 50-100ppm to 10ppm. 
The project team is preparing for construction of the new desulphurisation unit to be operational by late 2024. 
There is a focus on minimising impacts on the local community from the project, including off-site fabrication of major components.

Hydrogen refuelling service station
The hydrogen service station project will produce renewable hydrogen from electricity and recycled water for use in heavy vehicles. 
It is on track to commence operations in 2023.

Strategic storage tanks
Three new diesel storage tanks of 30 million litres capacity each will be built at the refinery under the Strategic Tank Storage project. 
Civil works to prepare the site were completed mid-August. 
Neighbours may have noticed increased truck movements during this time. 
Building will start in September and the tanks will be fully operational by 2024.

Gas Terminal Project
The Gas Terminal Project has completed major environmental and safety assessments and the Environment Effects Statement has been submitted for review by a Government-appointed Committee. 
A decision by the Minister for Planning is anticipated in 4Q.