Viva Energy welcomes clean fuel announcement

21 Dec 2023

Viva Energy welcomes today's announcement by the Albanese Government that changes to Australia's fuel quality and noxious vehicle emissions standards will come into effect from December 2025.

Following that date, all new versions of new cars sold will need to comply with the Euro 6d* noxious emissions standards and all petrol will need to be ultra-low sulphur (10ppm) and have the new RON 95 grade tighter aromatics limits. 

Viva Energy has supported improvements to Australia's fuel quality standards over many years and has been working closely with the Federal Government on the recent changes to sulphur as well as the aromatics limits.

As part of the Federal Government's Fuel Security Package agreed in 2021, Viva Energy is building an Ultra-Low Sulphur Gasoline plant at its refinery in Geelong to produce gasoline with maximum 10 parts per million sulphur.

Additional investment will be required at the refinery to meet this additional aromatics standard and we will continue to work closely with the government on the implementation.

This overall $350m project is partly funded by the Australian Government.

All petrol vehicles on Australian roads that require premium fuel will be able to operate on the new 95 RON grade and this dedicated grade will allow Euro 6d vehicles to operate optimally.

*Euro 6d refers to a vehicle emission standard that sets a limit on the range of emissions that a car is allowed to emit, including nitrogen oxides (NOx) and hydrocarbons. These changes will help protect Australians from exhaust pollutants that can cause health impacts.

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