Letter to the editor – Geelong Advertiser, 13 August 2021

13 Oct 2021

The below letter to the editor was published in the Geelong Advertiser on 13 October 2021.

I am writing in response to Chad Van Estrop’s article about Viva Energy’s proposed gas terminal.

Safety is critical at Viva Energy. It is a core focus of our existing refining operations, and this focus extends to the development and operation of the proposed gas terminal.

A full safety case and review will be developed as part of the project, analysing every aspect of this project to ensure it is safe, feasible and successful. We are basing all our decisions on science and the analysis of recognised experts.

The results of our studies will be made public as part of the Environment Effects Statement process, the exhaustive examination of the project undertaken by regulators including WorkSafe, EPA, Energy Safe Victoria and Ports Victoria. The terminal will not proceed unless Viva Energy can demonstrate it can be operated safely.

Some key facts about LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) which make it very safe to transport include:

Over decades there have been thousands of crude oil tankers that have sailed through the Corio channel without incident on their way to the refinery. Since the 1960s, around the world there have been more than 135,000 LNG ship voyages without a major incident or loss of cargo.

We welcome a public discussion and forum for this topic – the discussion and transparency on safety is critical for the wider community. However, an issue as important as safety should not be portrayed in a sensationalist manner to unnecessarily incite fear. Viva Energy is committed to dealing with facts and analysis, and working through the full safety assessment, including public consultation.

For more information about our proposed gas terminal, gas safety, or find out about our next Community Information Session, please visit the Viva Energy website.

Michael Cave
Viva Energy Media Manager