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  1. I’ve worked at Viva Energy since 2004.
  2. My first job at Viva Energy was working on the Technical helpdesk, assisting customers with technical queries about lubricants and fuel.
  3. My role is as a Key Account Manager for Industrial Lubricants, looking after a wide range of customers in the following sectors: Power Generation, Infrastructure, General Manufacturing, and Paper and Pulp.
  4. I help people reach their destination by supporting their business operations to help their machinery run better, for longer and more efficiently.
  5. The best part of my job is travelling to unique and remote locations across Australia, places I would never normally visit.
  6. The biggest misconception people have about my role is the technical knowledge required. People assume business deals are made at procurement level but the reality is the key decision makers are the engineers who tend to see any change as risky. I enjoy learning about our customer’s equipment and their operations from a technical perspective and providing them with advice that ensures the risk of change is minimised.
  7. I prefer to start the day by getting my family up and out the door on time!
  8. I prefer to end the day by on-line shopping! I love designer handbags!
  9. I am energised by helping our customers get more value from the products we provide through our technical advice and support service.
  10. The most interesting thing I am working on right now is a lubricants product trial with some of our customers, where we are aiming to double the life of the oil in their equipment, which could save our customers a significant amount of money each year.
  11. The one behavior I attribute my success to is patience. I rely on both our customers and my colleagues at Viva Energy to be successful which involves working with them to understand their drivers.
  12. The most funny/memorable moment I had was conducting a lubrication survey on a ship and being provided with lunch which was freshly caught fish by ship employees who did some early morning fishing.
  13. The greatest career advice I was given was that persistence pays off.
  14. The most important skill every person should have is a strong work ethic.
  15. The one topic I wish I knew more about is property development.
  16. How do you see this role evolving over the next 5 years? I can see it expanding as we grow the Viva Energy business in the industrial sector.
  17. Early bird or night owl? Night owl…but I am always up for an early night too!

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