Get To Know Our People - Lizzie Stringer


  1. I’ve worked at Viva Energy since June 2018.
  2. My first job was as a Lifeguard.
  3. My role at Viva Energy is as a Key Account Manager, Resources West.
  4. I help people reach their destination by ensuring that our Mining customers have fuel and lubricants when they need it.
  5. The best part of my job is learning about the strategy and challenges of our customer’s businesses and understanding where Viva Energy can play a role in this. I enjoy working with colleagues to drive efficiencies and better service our customers. This could be providing training on a mine site, helping to coordinate a last minute order, or providing robust contingency planning when weather conditions prevent fuel deliveries.
  6. The biggest misconception people have about my role is it is much broader than just selling fuel and lubricants, this year I had the opportunity to work with a customer on a community initiative to celebrate NAIDOC week at a local high school. It was a great event and showed how Viva Energy can collaborate with customers on multiple levels to reach a shared goal.
  7. I was led to this career because before this I worked for a power generation company in a number of roles including pricing, sales and strategy. I like to have variety on a day-to-day basis and I enjoy working with people. The Key Account Manager role is great because I can continue to use these skills and learn about a new industry.
  8. I am energised by a flat white and the sunshine.
  9. The one behavior I attribute my success to is being positive. I really believe that if you approach a task in a positive and confident manner you are much more likely to get the result you want.
  10. The one thing that surprises me about working at Viva Energy is all the offices have really beautiful views. Viva Energy is a great place to work, I feel empowered and trusted to make the right decisions in my role and I have the freedom to work flexibly when I need to. 
  11. The most memorable moment I had at work was seeing a large open cut mine site for the first time. Coming from the UK I hadn’t appreciated the size and scale of some of the diggers, haul trucks and other mining equipment!
  12. The greatest career advice I was given is that your career is a marathon not a sprint. It is important to take time for yourself, reflect, stay energised, and enjoy it – all of this will help the longevity and success of your career.
  13. The most important skill every person should have is empathy. I think it is important to be able to view the world from someone else’s perspective.
  14. The one topic I wish I knew more about is AFL – I have been living in Australia for over a year and have just about learnt the rules and some of the Fremantle Dockers players! 

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