Viva Energy launches Opt-in Carbon Neutral Diesel with Crown Coaches

In response to the global need to address climate change, Australian businesses are focused on trying to reduce their carbon emissions. But what if your business literally runs on diesel?

08 Sep 2023
  • Viva Energy Australia


The challenge

Crown Coaches is a third-generation family business that’s been operating in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs for 56 years and currently employs around 270 people. Its fleet of 160 vehicles includes minibuses as well as mid-size and full-size coaches – and they’re all fuelled by diesel.

Jerome Haoust, co-director of Crown Coaches, was determined to reduce his company’s carbon footprint. When he learned about Viva Energy’s opt-in Carbon Neutral Diesel, he realised that using carbon credits to offset the emissions generated by his fleet was a viable solution.

“We saw it as a quick opportunity and with immediate effect, to make our diesel fleet carbon neutral.”

In his role as Carbon Solutions Manager at Viva Energy, Rob Cavicchiolo is working closely with Jerome on his decarbonisation journey. “Customers are coming to us and asking questions around how they can reduce their carbon footprint, and how Viva Energy can help them decarbonise their business,” he says.

How Opt-in Carbon Neutral products can help

Viva Energy offsets the emissions from its opt-in Carbon Neutral products by purchasing a range of carbon credits which are eligible under the Climate Active Carbon Neutral Standard.. These carbon credits may come from a range of Australian or International approved project methodologies and customers may choose offsets from local, international or a mixture of both.

Crown Coaches chose Australian carbon credits units (ACCU’s) because, as Jerome explains, “they keep the value that we generate in Australia, for Australian people.”

Rob is proud that all Viva Energy’s opt-in Carbon Neutral products are certified under the Australian Government’s Climate Active scheme. “Having Climate Active certification on our products gives our customers the confidence that they’reusing a recognised credible framework and certification scheme to achieve carbon neutrality says.

Viva Energy’s Climate Active certified Carbon Neutral products are ‘opt-in’ because Climate Active is about driving voluntary climate action. Offsetting your operations is a stepping-stone to other future carbon reduction opportunities.

Prepared for the journey

Australia’s transition to net zero emissions requires a mix of short, medium and long-term solutions. It begins with today’s technologies, products and solutions, while tomorrow’s low or zero-carbon energy options reach commercial viability.

Ivan Furlanetto, the Business Development Manager for Crown Coaches, understands the journey Crown Coaches is on. He has total faith in the partnership with Viva Energy. “Viva Energy has a wide range of products that suit us today, and they’re heavily researching new products that can help us in the future.”

Apart from Opt-In Carbon Neutral products, today’s solutions can also include Renewable Diesel, Low Viscosity Lubricants, Premium Addivated Fuels, Biodiesel, and Electric Charging.

Future solutions being explored include Low Carbon Biomethane, Sustainable Aviation Fuel, producing fuels using alternative lower carbon refinery feedstocks and Green Hydrogen.

No two organisations are the same. How a business manages its journey to achieve net zero emissions will depend on its circumstances and objectives. But Viva Energy has the resources, the products, and the drive to help all customers reach their sustainability destination.