Working with contractors to manage safety

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Explaining our Contractor Management Accreditation System

When we need to call on the expertise of external contractors, it is vitally important that whoever we work with has the same absolute commitment to safety that we do. That means that all Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) risks are assessed and managed to the highest standard.

When those risks relate to an area of our business, we include specific requirements as part of the contractor’s fulfilment duties to manage them. On the other hand, contractors are responsible for OH&S management when the risks are due to activities within their areas of expertise; therefore, our contractors are required to undergo stringent vetting and accreditation processes.

Another goal of the Contractor Management Accreditation System (CMAS) is to prevent contractors being exposed to injury risks, by increasing their understanding of the legislative requirements and our safety standards.

We have appointed a company called ISNetworld to help us manage our contractor accreditation process. Only contractors who have the required skills and OH&S management systems in place will be accredited to work with us.

We encourage you to visit the ISNetworld website (see the link below) to learn more about how they help us by assessing our contract partners against regulatory, procurement, health and safety and environmental requirements.

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If you have any questions about ISNetworld or about becoming an accredited contractor, please get in touch with the ISNetworld Customer Service Team.

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