Protecting people and the world we live in


Health, Safety, Security and Environment is always top of mind

We believe that every incident is preventable, and so our goal is to identify and address their causes. By doing so we aim to achieve ‘Goal Zero’ – no harm to people or the environment. We manage safety in a systematic way that is simple, clear and easy for people to understand and follow. It starts with our people, so we develop their safety leadership skills and reward their safety successes.

Our Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE) policy sets out how to go about our operations safely and responsibly. We also measure and assess our performance, studying outcomes for ways to improve.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. Through training and leadership, we make sure all our people know how important it is, what’s expected of them and how to recognise and manage situations that could pose a threat. Everyone is expected to intervene and stop unsafe acts, and to report incidents so they don’t happen again.

Any contractor who works with us must manage safety in line with our policies on HSSE and must also understand our expectations on matters such as personal safety, road safety and process safety.

We’re proud of our record of continuous improvement, and with our focus on Goal Zero we can be depended on to keep people and the environment safe.

Download Our Commitment to HSSE policy (PDF 73.4KB)

Our 12 Life Saving Rules

We have 12 rules that we insist must be followed by our people and contractors. We call them life saving rules, because each addresses a behaviour that can have serious and even fatal consequences.

Anyone caught breaking one of the rules will face disciplinary action, which can include termination of employment. Visitors can be removed from the site and contractors banned from working with us again.

Download Our Life Saving Rules (PDF 90.8KB) 

Working with contractors to manage safety

Explaining our Contractor Management Accreditation System

When we need to call on the expertise of external contractors, it is vitally important that whoever we work with has the same absolute commitment to safety that we do. That means that all Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) risks are assessed and managed to the highest standard and our contractors are required to undergo stringent vetting and accreditation processes.

Another goal of the Contractor Management Accreditation System (CMAS) is to prevent contractors being exposed to injury risks, by increasing their understanding of the legislative requirements and our safety standards.

A company called ISNetworld helps us manage our contractor accreditation process, we encourage you to visit the ISNetworld website to learn more about how they help us by assessing our contract partners against regulatory, procurement, health and safety and environmental requirements.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about ISNetworld or about becoming an accredited contractor, please get in touch with the ISNetworld Customer Service Team on 1800 158 131.