Community Update 12 January 2017

Update about the marine fuel oil leak that occurred 30 December 2016. 

Community Update 12 January 2017 (PDF 283.9KB)

 Community Update

3 January 2017

Viva Energy confirms that, marine fuel oil leaked from an onshore pipe at its Gore Bay Terminal during barge loading operations. The majority of the leak was contained within the Terminal, however a smaller yet to be determined quantity of the marine fuel oil did enter the water. 
Terminal staff responded immediately and the leak was fully contained within protective booms. 
The Port Authority of New South Wales, the EPA and emergency services were notified at the time and were satisfied with Viva Energy's rapid response.
The majority of the marine fuel oil has since been recovered.  Cleaning the site will continue under the guidance of the EPA.
Viva Energy takes its environmental responsibilities seriously and is disappointed that this incident occurred. We will conduct a full investigation to determine the cause of the incident and identify if there are any actions that can be taken to minimise the risk of this occurring in the future.
Our priority remains to prevent residual impacts from further impacting the environment and we will continue with our clean-up efforts. 
Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us using our 24 hour hotline 8437 1238 or via email on


Community Information Evenings

We value the views of the community and we have held our quarterly Community Liaison Group Meetings since the 1990’s. A refreshed format for these meetings was launched in May 2015 and our new Community Information Evenings will be held twice per year.

These Community Information Evenings aim to be informative, engaging and casual and an opportunity for our nearest neighbours to meet and engage with some of our staff. During these evenings, we intend to provide a general update on our operations at the Gore Bay Terminal, any projects we are undertaking as well as address questions, issues or concerns. Invitations to these evenings are extended to our nearest neighbours only.

We continue to invite representatives from the Lane Cove Council, Ports Authority and the EPA.

Our regular newsletters will supplement the Community Information Evenings and will contain information for the broader community.

Any community member, community group or non-government organisation can continue to contact us to ask questions, raise issues or concerns through our Community Relations Officer, or if they wish to make a complaint, through our 24 hour complaints line.


We produce two newsletters every year to inform our local community about operational matters at the Terminal and stories of interest.