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Things run pretty smoothly with a Shell Card. Our online tool offers smart and effective account management as well as card security features for fraud control. In fact, it’s such a complete service, you’ll probably have time to knock off early.

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Enjoy the ease and efficiency of Shell Card Online:

  • Complete Online Card Management and 24/7 access to detailed reporting 
  • Enhance security and fraud prevention with Smart Alert emails to notify you of card activity outside of your set parameters
  • Control costs with product restrictions and detailed transaction reporting
  • Management Summary Reports to assist management of your fuel costs 
  • Make tax time simpler with a single monthly tax invoice

Complete Online Card Management

Enjoy ease and efficiency of fuel card administration online being able to quickly and easily order, cancel or modify cards. Shell Card Online provides the ability to access your past invoices (for the previous 12 months), generate detailed transaction reports between billing periods and access to a suite of other management information reports.

Fee Free Smart Alerts

Smart alerts can provide you with even greater control and visibility over your card activity and therefore help increase security.

Set Smart Alert emails to notify you of yourfuel card activity outside of your set parameters, such as:

  • Incorrect or missing odometer alert
  • Transaction count per period alert
  • Total fuel volume per period alert
  • Maximum transaction value and volume alert (daily and/or monthly)
  • Total spend per period (daily and/or monthly)

Cost control and detailed reporting

Help manage your costs by applying purchase controls to restrict the fuel type, products or services your card holders can access. Have the ability to track your vehicles' expenses with free access to Shell Card Online and receive a transaction report with every billing cycle, detailing all purchases made on each card by vehicle registration or driver name. Shell Card Online also provides you with access to a suite of other management information reports.

Fuel Management Summary Report

Receive a fuel management summary report that will provide you with a detailed snapshot of your business fuel expenses such as:

  • Previous fuel usage patterns
  • Abnormal fuel usage patterns
  • Changes in average distances travelled
  • Inactive fuel cards
  • Total savings off the pump price.

Single Shell Card tax invoice

Cut more time-wasting expense claim procedures such as reconciling months of credit card statements and receipts by receiving a single Shell Card tax invoice and Shell Card statements for all fuel cards detailing every transaction and itemising GST payable. You can also choose how you want to receive invoices via email or mail*.
*Additional surcharge applies for paper invoicing

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