Viva Energy Australia is proud to be the exclusive licensee to supply Shell fuels and lubricants in Australia.

Shell has a range of quality fuels that are designed to get the best out of every type of vehicle on today's roads.

No matter which Shell fuel you choose, it's been developed with more than 100 years of fuels expertise.


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Shell V-Power Unleaded 98

Shell V-Power 98

Supported by major national advertising campaigns, Shell V-Power 98 is one of Australia’s best known premium fuel brands.

Shell V-Power 98 is a high-octane, premium unleaded fuel designed to improve performance and act instantly in your engine.

Developed as part of Shell’s long-standing innovation partnership with Scuderia Ferrari, Shell V-Power contains 99% of the same compounds as the fuel used by the Ferrari Formula One team.

Shell V-Power 98 contains 25% more Friction Modification Technology (FMT)*. FMT is designed to reduce friction in critical engine areas, helping to deliver more power to the wheels.

Containing powerful cleaning technology, Shell V-Power is designed to prevent the build-up of deposits from forming on intake valves and fuel injectors, to help your engine deliver its performance potential, whatever car you drive.

Also available, is our premium Shell V-Power Diesel. Shell V-Power Diesel is designed for todays diesel engine.

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Shell Premium 98 Unleaded

Shell Premium Unleaded 98

Developed to meet the increasing demand for high-octane performance fuels.

Shell Premium Unleaded 98 contains Shell’s unique Fuel Economy Formula. This is designed to help improve engine efficiency by preventing the build-up of engine deposits – and take you further*.

Shell Premium Unleaded 98 is designed to deliver all the efficiency benefits of Shell Unleaded 95, but with a higher octane rating for extra performance and efficiency.

*The fuel economy any particular motorist achieves is also highly dependent upon driving style, weather conditions and the type and condition of the vehicle.

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Shell Unleaded 95

Shell Unleaded 95

Higher octane for enhanced performance.

Shell Unleaded 95 is specifically formulated for use in many imported and high-performance vehicles that are designed to run exclusively on premium fuels with a minimum 95 octane rating.

Shell Unleaded 95 is designed to ensure your engine operates with improved performance and efficiency. Based on the science of Shell Unleaded 91, it also contains our exclusive Fuel Economy Formula, designed to prevent the build-up of carbon deposits and helping to maintain your engine’s efficiency, and is a higher octane rating for improved engine performance.

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Shell Unleaded 91

Shell Unleaded 91

With Fuel Economy Formula and designed to prevent deposits.

Shell’s scientists have explored where losses take place and responded with fuel formulation strategies to help improve engine combustion efficiency. Their technological innovations are designed to give you extra kilometres.

Shell Unleaded 91 has been formulated to address a number of ways the fuel and your engine work together.

It’s formulated to help keep your engine clean and aid combustion, which is most efficient when the precise amount of air and fuel are mixed together at the right time.

With some conventional fuels, over time deposits may form on the back of the inlet valves. This can lead to delays in the required fuel charge entering the engine and a poor mix of fuel and air, reducing your engine’s efficiency.

Shell Unleaded 91 has been formulated to help prevent the build-up of these deposits, helping to maintain your engine’s efficiency.

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Shell Unleaded E10 - contains up to 10% ethanol

Shell Unleaded E10

Contains up to 10% ethanol.

Shell Unleaded E10 has a minimum 94 octane rating and is made with the exclusive Shell Fuel Economy Formula, designed to make your engine run more efficiently.

Shell is dedicated to developing a range of fuels that are designed to meet the needs of Australian drivers. That’s why Shell offers Shell Unleaded E10, which contains up to 10% ethanol.

Ethanol is a renewable fuel component, made by the fermentation of sugars produced by crops or crop wastes high in sugar or starch, such as sugar cane, wheat, or sorghum.

Many sites in NSW and Qld offer a choice between Shell Unleaded 91 and Shell Unleaded E10.

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Shell Unleaded 91 Low Aromatic

Shell Unleaded 91 Low Aromatic

Unleaded petrol with low levels of aromatic compounds.

Shell Unleaded 91 Low Aromatic complies with the Australian Fuel Quality Standards Act and has an octane rating of 91 (the same as regular unleaded fuel). It also meets the quality standards Shell requires from all its fuels.

Specially designed to contain low levels of aromatic compounds such as benzene, toluene and xylene, Shell Unleaded 91 Low Aromatic is only available at selected Shell sites.

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Shell Diesel V-power

Shell V-Power Diesel

A premium diesel designed for maximum efficiency and performance.

Shell V-Power Diesel is designed to restore and maintain engine power through active engine protection. It is also designed to act the moment it hits your engine.

Actively cleans for optimum performance

Shell V-Power Diesel is designed for today’s diesel engines. Developed by Shell’s international scientists to work in all diesel-powered engines, it contains unique additive technology designed to remove and prevent deposits – enabling diesel engines to continuously deliver an optimum driving experience.

Why you should use Shell V-Power Diesel

  • Unique formula helps engine ignition.
  • Protects against corrosion of steel and steel alloy parts.
  • Specially formulated for year-round weather conditions.
  • Suitable for all diesel vehicles.

How is Shell V-Power Diesel designed to defend against corrosion?

Shell V-Power Diesel has been specially formulated to clean and protect diesel fuel injection systems. It is designed to restore and maintain engine power through active engine protection.

How is the fuel designed to clean and protect your engine?

It is formulated with a powerful cleaning agent designed to prevent and remove performance-robbing engine deposits that can be left behind by everyday driving. Our advanced formulation is designed to work under the extreme conditions of the fuel injection system, breaking down and cleaning away harmful gunky deposits.

How is the fuel designed to defend against corrosion?

It is designed to form a protective film on metal surfaces, which decreases the corrosion rate and helps to protect precision fuel system components*.

*Corrosion protection based on laboratory tests carried out according to ASTM D665A. Actual effects and benefits may vary according to vehicle, age of vehicle, driving conditions and driving style. Actual potential benefits relate to a detergency element, which is designed to help clean up existing deposits in your engine.

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Shell Diesel Extra

Shell Diesel Extra

Ideal for heavy-duty and light commercial vehicles.

Shell Diesel Extra is designed to help you get more kilometres per tank by helping to keep the engine of your heavy-duty or light commercial vehicle in peak condition*.

  • Keep injectors performing like new.
  • Prevent fuel system corrosion.
  • Reduce foaming when refuelling.
  • Keep your fuel clean and dry.
  • Use less fuel*.
  • Emit less CO2 and exhaust emissions.

*Actual fuel savings and other product benefits will vary depending on age and condition of engine. Shell Diesel Extra is designed to avoid rising fuel consumption over the lifetime of your vehicle by helping to keep your engine running in accordance with manufacturer's specifications.

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Shell Diesel

Shell Diesel

A quality, low sulphur automotive diesel.

Shell Diesel is a premium-grade automotive diesel suitable for use in high-speed diesel engines in both automotive and industrial applications.

Shell Diesel has a high cetane number to help ensure smooth running and starting at low temperatures. The diesel properties are adjusted during winter to reduce waxing in cold locations, and the lubricity of the diesel fuel is controlled and monitored to help prevent wear of the fuel pump and injectors.

Shell Diesel meets the requirements of the Australian National Fuels Quality Standards Act 2000. It’s low sulphur, which means it contains 10 parts per million (or 10mg/kg) of sulphur. In some locations and when bio-component is available, Shell Diesel may also contain up to 5% biodiesel, as allowed by the Fuel Standard (Automotive Diesel) Determination 2001.


A diesel blend designed to reduce CO2 emissions.

Biofuels are renewable plant- or animal-based feedstock that can be blended into diesel. They are a valuable part of the energy mix as a way to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

Shell Biodiesel may contain up to 5% biofuel as allowed by the Fuel Standard (Automotive Diesel) Determination 2001 and meets the requirements of the Australian National Fuels Quality Standards Act 2000, which means it can be used in vehicles that run on conventional diesel.

The New South Wales and Queensland Governments are ensuring that biofuels are becoming widely available and have mandated that a percentage of fuel in these states contain renewables.

Shell has developed a range of fuels that are designed to help Australian drivers reduce their carbon footprint and support this mandate by offering Shell Biodiesel when available.

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Shell Autogas LP

Shell AutoGas

A smart and economical way to run your vehicle.

Shell has been selling high-quality automotive LPG for over 30 years. Shell AutoGas is the smart alternative. Whether you commute long distances or you’re on the road a lot, it’s an economical way to run your vehicle.

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AdBlue® for SCR Catalysts


A fluid used in trucks to help reduce exhaust emissions.

AdBlue® is a fluid used in trucks to help them reduce their emissions. The fluid is sprayed into the exhaust of trucks (after the diesel has been combusted) and helps to convert oxides of nitrogen into harmless gas and water vapour.

The exciting news is that truck drivers will now be able to replenish their AdBlue® needs conveniently while they fill up with Diesel or have the ability for home base solutions, and can be assured of a high quality solution that meets the Verband der Automobilindustrie (VDA) certified ISO-22241 1-3 industry standard.

As well as AdBlue® at the pump, it’s also sold in 10 litre packs available at more than 150 Coles Express and Shell retail sites.

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