Stories that showcase Viva Energy’s products and services via the projects and innovations taking place every day.

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How an engineering business saved $50,000 by changing its oil
AWJ Civil, a New South Wales based engineering business specialising in civil and environmental remediation work was looking for a way to reduce its operational costs. It found a solution through a partnership with Viva Energy and its lubricants supplier, Green Goanna.Read more >
Why the right grease isn’t an open and shut case
When Viva Energy’s Technical Advisor Mick Castle learned that some of our biggest mining customers were using either the wrong grease or no grease at all in their equipment, he resolved to build a solution to address those customer’s needs. Read more >
How Shell Diesel Extra Helps Scott's Refrigerated Freightways
Glen Stephan, National Fleet Manager for Scott’s Refrigerated Freightways talked to Viva Energy about how Shell Diesel Extra has benefited their transport fleet. Read more >

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