Stories that showcase Viva Energy’s products and services via the projects and innovations taking place every day.

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Protecting our storage tanks from corrosion
If you’re a company that stores fuels and lubricants in steel storage tanks that are exposed to the elements, tank under floor corrosion is a major risk. How do you overcome such a fundamental force of nature?Read more >
How more accurate weather forecasts are changing operations in the marine industry
From tankers delivering crude oil and refined products, to the barges that refuel ships going to and from Australia, vessels are a vital part of Viva Energy’s operations. Now, thanks to more accurate weather forecasting, our marine operations are safer and more reliable than ever.Read more >
The Conversion of Clyde – from refinery to large scale import terminal
Managing the conversion of a 90 year old refinery into a large scale storage and import terminal takes team work and resilience. Read more >

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