How the Geelong Refinery helps Victorians reach their destinations

Many people rely on our Geelong Refinery. For starters around 700 people who work here do, as well as all the people who rely on the fuel we manufacture to get them where they’re going every day.

We spend more than $200 million in the Geelong region every year on wages and services, and together with supplying more than half of Victoria’s fuel, this makes us a key driver of Victoria’s economy. And we’re the only Australian manufacturer of avgas, solvents and bitumen.

Our new advertising campaign, appearing across the Greater Geelong region, shows some of the ways we’re helping create positive, lasting change in our community. Let’s take a look at what’s featured in the campaign.


“The Geelong Refinery helps me get the kids to school.”

The Geelong Refinery supports local manufacturing, providing jobs and helping to keep the local economy ticking by supplying more than half of all the fuel used in Victoria. Geelong can be proud that the type of energy people need to get to school, work and home is made right here.


“The Geelong Refinery helped us pay for new team gear.”

We’re committed to addressing the issues of mental health and substance misuse through our community program. Sport helps us stay healthy in mind and body, which is why we’re proud to support local sports clubs like the Geelong Rangers, as well as community groups like headspace.


“The Geelong Refinery helps apprentices like me get a start.”

We offer apprenticeships and careers to local residents. Five apprentices graduated this year, of which two came to us through the community group Northern Futures. Right now seven more young people, six from Northern Futures, have the opportunity to gain valuable skills and forge successful careers.


“Safety comes first at the Geelong Refinery”

Over 700 people from the local area are employed at the refinery. We’re committed to their safety and pursuing our goal of no harm to people or the environment. We call this ‘Goal Zero’ and every day we invest heavily to achieve it. Nothing is more important than the safety of our people, our community and our operations.


“We recycle, reuse or repurpose most of our waste
at the Geelong Refinery”

We’re committed to water and land management, improving our energy efficiency and reducing our emissions and waste. Most of our waste is recycled, reused or repurposed in other industries. For example, one waste product is mixed with mulch to compost the 100,000 native trees we’ve planted around the refinery.

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