A case study for supporting a community: The Geelong Refinery

If you’ve ever lived in the Geelong area, you’ve probably heard of the Geelong Refinery. But did you know the refinery has been an integral part of the community for more than 60 years? From providing local employment and youth apprenticeships to charity fundraising and environmental management programs, Viva Energy’s Geelong Refinery is proud of its heritage and the company is committed to investing in the refinery's future.

Geelong Refinery

Creating jobs

The Geelong Refinery is one of the largest and most complex hydrocarbon refineries in Australia. It employs more than 750 staff and hundreds of contractors across numerous plants and long-term projects. By hiring local people and injecting hundreds of millions of dollars each year into the region’s economy, the refinery is continually working towards its ultimate goal of keeping the refinery globally competitive, which will provide jobs for the long term.

Construction has begun on a new super crude tank. The 12-month project will employ around 120 people. The project will significantly increase the refinery’s production capabilities and help build a sustainable, long-term future.

Investing in the local community

Young people in Geelong need opportunities. Viva Energy recently announced that it will Nationally, provide up to $3 million across three years to support a range of initiatives focused on mental health and substance abuse. The new program, Jigsaw, includes a national partnership with headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation as well as a key partnership with Geelong community organisation Northern Futures to address joblessness in the 3214 postcode.

The partnership with headspace will create new opportunities to reduce the stigma of mental illness among 12- to 25-year-olds and encourage those at risk to seek help. Funds will directly support the Mental Health Role Models program, enabling up to 70 members of headspace Youth Reference Groups from Geelong and other parts of Australia to be upskilled through formal training in a range of disciplines. Participants will then have the opportunity to share their stories locally and help others.

Northern Futures works with those most at risk of long-term unemployment in Geelong’s northern suburbs. The Viva Energy Role Model Scholarship program will subsidise the cost of a Certificate I, II or III training course, plus any associated expenses such as transport and meals.

The Geelong Refinery is also focused on bringing young talent into the mix. Partnering again with Northern Futures, six apprentices are currently working with Viva Energy, with more training and job opportunities to follow.

Caring for the environment

The Geelong Refinery aims to operate according to its environmental licence and in an environmentally sustainable manner. The team works towards Goal Zero – no harm to people, and protecting the environment. This means the refinery operates under an environmental licence, maintains an environmental management system accredited by SAI Global, and engages regularly with stakeholders including Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Victoria and the community.

The refinery focuses on five major environmental areas: air quality, water management, waste management, soil and groundwater, and managing noise and odour.

With its 60-year history, the Geelong Refinery is an important member of the local community. Viva Energy is proud to be part of the Geelong region, and is investing in the ongoing sustainability of the facility for the long-term benefit of the local community and Victorian economy.

A quick look at the numbers

  • More than 750 staff and hundreds of contractors work at the Geelong Refinery.
  • The crude tank project will employ around 120 people.
  • Viva Energy injects more than $200M in wages and services into the Geelong economy.
  • The Geelong refinery supplies around 55% of Victoria's fuel needs.
  • The refinery accounts for more than half of Geelong Port's trade (6.3 million tonnes).
  • 13 apprentices work at the refinery. Of these apprentices, five are from Northern Futures. Two of the apprentices are female.


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