Celebrating the relationship Viva Energy has with its partners, from major organisations to local government and community groups.

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Working towards reconciliation through the culture of Indigenous Victorians
For 35 years the Koorie Heritage Trust has been working to protect, preserve and promote the living culture of Indigenous people in south-eastern Australia. Viva Energy Australia works closely with Indigenous communities across different parts of the country, and began a three-year partnership with the Koorie Heritage Trust in 2018.Read more >
Managing the error trap
Viva Energy’s Geelong Refinery is committed to maintaining the strongest safety management culture, systems and processes possible. As part of this commitment, in 2019 we set about to tackle one of the more challenging factors relating to safety: human error.Read more >
Opening doors for women to work within Viva Energy’s Supply Chain
Supply chains are how organisations – including Viva Energy – deliver products and services to customers. Read more >

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