Celebrating the relationship Viva Energy has with its partners, from major organisations to local government and community groups.

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Collaborators in safety – the enduring partnership between Viva Energy and AECOM
Everyone who works at Viva Energy is keenly aware of the emphasis on Goal Zero, and the belief that every incident is preventable. It is central to how we go about our operations safely and responsibly. Read more >
Working hand in hand with nature
Like most of us, Colin Davis cares about the environment. As our Supply Chain Environment Lead he is drawn towards solutions that harness the power of nature to solve an engineering problem, such as the Kangaroo Wetlands at our Newport Terminal.Read more >
Celebrating Geelong’s unsung heroes
People are at the heart and soul of any community, and we’re proud that we can celebrate some of the unsung heroes that make such a big difference in our communities, through our Club Legend Sports Award. We talked to our two local Club Legends from Geelong and saw first-hand the impact that this award and recognition has had on them and their clubs.Read more >

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