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We offer a complete range of solutions for the safe storage and handling of fuels, lubricants and greases. We can also help your business monitor the condition of your hydrocarbons and equipment, and provide training and support for hydrocarbon related topics.

With over 120 years of experience providing fuel and lubricants to Australia, Viva Energy has the experience and knowledge to ensure that your liquid fuels, oils and greases are stored correctly, dispensed safely and kept clean.

Our storage and equipment solutions support a range of industries including Mining, Oil & Gas, Transport, Aviation and Marine.

We have partnered with the highest quality hydrocarbon equipment manufacturers to provide your business with a simple, one stop solution designed to maximise the life of your hydrocarbons and machinery.

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    Lubricant equipment

    From pumps and hose reels to storage solutions, we can help you choose the right products for your facility and machinery.

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    Grease equipment

    We recommend and supply the most appropriate grease equipment for your operation, from grease guns to presses, to pumps and automatic grease systems to ensure your equipment gets the right protection and at the correct intervals.

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    Fuel equipment

    Safe, effective and secure fuel handling is critical. We supply equipment including fuel tanks, spill kits, hoses, nozzles, pumps and fuel management systems.

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    Workshop equipment

    Our technicians can help get your workshop running smoothly, with equipment that could transform the way you work. We can work with you on a full lubricant workshop design or supply equipment such as hoists, pumps, storage containers, hose reels and labelling for your existing workshop.

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    Storage and tank equipment

    Ask our technicians about the equipment you need for the safe and adequate storage of your fuels, oils and greases including tanks, bunding, pumps, hoses, bowsers, signage and safety equipment. We can provide a review of your compliance to AS1940 and support you in bringing your facilities up to the standard.

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    Condition monitoring

    We can provide test kits, analysis, and the equipment required to monitor the condition of your hydrocarbons and machinery.

Related products and services

To keep your fuel and oil systems clean from contaminants, we offer a range of filtration packages and products including TRAP, Expansion and Desiccant Breathers for both bulk tanks and equipment.

We can also help keep your fleet on the road, with AdBlue® and equipment for its safe storage and handling.

Most importantly, our skilled technicians can help ensure that your bulk liquids storage facility is operating safely, your machinery is receiving optimum lubrication, your tank farm is well maintained, and your people have all the product training they need.


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