Reducing truck exhaust emissions with AdBlue®

For your convenience we supply high quality AdBlue® in a number of convenient ways.
- At the pump, through our network of Shell Coles Express service stations.
- Via bulk delivery, directly to a tank or in 1,000L containers at your depot or transport facility.
- Through 10 litre top-up packs, available at Shell service stations.

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What is AdBlue®?

Viva Energy AdBlue® is a fluid used in heavy-duty diesel engines to help reduce exhaust emissions. Our AdBlue® is clear, non-toxic, non-explosive, non-flammable, and if stored and handled correctly, it’s safe to use and should not harm the environment.

Viva Energy AdBlue® meets the AdBlue international standard ISO22241-4 so you can be sure of a high quality product.

AdBlue® can be purchased on your Shell Card, providing your card has been authorised to purchase diesel fuel. To find out more, contact our customer service team on 13 16 18. You can also access your account and make any necessary changes yourself through Shell Card Online.


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