Viva Energy Statement – Clyde Stack Update – 6.30pm

Viva Energy Australia (“Viva Energy”) is pleased to report that its “stubborn stack” was successfully and safely demolished at 6.30pm this evening via controlled demolition.

Viva Energy’s Engineering Manager, Vince Neville, thanked industrial neighbours for their cooperation as they carried out today’s plan to remove the fifth and final redundant refinery stack.

“We worked in close consultation with demolition experts, Government regulators and emergency services throughout the day to ensure the plan was executed safely, with minimum disruption to our neighbours,” said Vince.

“Although things didn’t go to plan yesterday, nothing went wrong and we’re pleased that the stack has been safely demolished and we can continue to focus on converting the terminal to improve its operational capability,” he said.

Liberty Industrial (“Liberty”) was engaged by Viva Energy to manage the demolition project. The company’s founding director, Clinton Dick, said ‘stand-ups’ do occur in this line of work.

“We spent six months planning for this event so this gives the public a good insight into how much care and attention goes into the planning and consultation stages,” said Clinton.

“Each stack on the Clyde site was quite different and a conservative approach was taken with the fifth stack due to its unique composition and location to Terminal equipment,” he said.

“We are pleased that the stack is now safely grounded.”

The demolition is part of the Clyde Terminal Conversion Project to remove redundant refining infrastructure, as well as other works to improve the terminal’s operational capability, which supplies about 40% of NSW’s fuel needs.

Viva Energy was launched following the purchase of the Shell Australia downstream business (excluding Aviation). It comprises the Geelong refinery, a 900+ site-retail network and a bulk fuels, bitumen, marine, chemicals and lubricants business supported by more than 20 terminals across the country. Viva Energy is the exclusive licensee to the Shell brand in Australia.