Safety is always our first priority. We aim to have zero fatalities and no incidents that harm people, or put our neighbours or facilities at risk.

To prevent accidents, we manage safety in a systematic way and are introducing simpler and clearer requirements that are easier for people to understand and follow.

All companies and joint ventures under Viva Energy Australia operational control must manage safety in line with our Commitment and Policy on Health, Safety, Security (HSSE) and Social Performance (SP), or materially equivalent policy. It is supported by a set of mandatory manuals covering topics such as personal safety, road safety and process safety.

We are working to keep our staff and contractors safe by focusing on compliance and tackling the cultural issues that can lead to unsafe behaviour. In 2007 we made official our goal to operate with zero fatalities and no significant incidents.

Among our staff we are developing safety leadership skills, rewarding successful performance and getting better at checking that rules are being followed.

12 Life-Saving Rules

Our mandatory 12 Life-Saving Rules reinforce what employees and contractors must know and do to prevent serious injury or fatality: for example, wear seat belts and do not speed or use mobile phones – even hands-free – while driving. If they break the rules, employees face disciplinary action up to termination of employment, while contractors can be removed from the site and barred from future work with Viva Energy Australia.


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