In any work that is conducted for Viva Energy Australia, whether by full-time Viva Energy employees or contractors, it is crucial that all occupational health and safety (OH&S) risks be managed to the highest level.

Numerous and varied activities are being conducted for, or on behalf of, Viva Energy by contractors. We use contractors due to the fact that they often have expertise in a specific area in which Viva Energy does not. On this basis, it is critical that both Viva Energy and any contractors manage the OH&S risks that may arise in the course of any work that is conducted.

Where risks are specific to the oil industry (or a specific Viva Energy operation/site/facility) Viva Energy will impose requirements to manage those specific risks. But, where risks are particular to the area of expertise within which a contractor practices, the contractor will be responsible for managing the risks that lie within their area of expertise.

One of the goals of the Contractor Management Accreditation program is to eliminate contractor exposure to risk of injuries by increasing their awareness of the legislative requirements and Viva Energy's safety standards. Where it is determined that the contractor has the requisite skills and health and safety management frameworks in place, that contractor will be accredited to do work for Viva Energy. Viva Energy has selected ISNetworld to be our primary contractor information management provider.

We encourage you to visit the ISNetworld website to see how ISNetworld enables your company to manage regulatory, procurement, health and safety and environmental management information within one location, while giving Viva Energy and various industry owners access to this data.

If you have any questions about ISNetworld or becoming an accredited contractor, please contact the ISNetworld Customer Service Team at 1800 350 581 or You may also visit



Safety is always our first priority.

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