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We supply high quality Shell fuels and lubricants at over 1,250 locations across Australia, and that number is growing.

To reach the nation with our products and provide a diverse range of services for all motorists, our extensive network is a combination of Shell Coles Express service stations, independently operated sites, and sites that we own and operate through our partnerships with well-established retail businesses such as Liberty and Westside.

Each location provides something different, from the retail experience to rewards programs, but all are underpinned by the brand that Australia knows and trusts – Shell.

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Shell Coles Express service stations are one of Australia’s leading fuel and convenience retails, supported by Australia’s popular loyalty program, FlyBuys, for loyal motorists. Most Shell Coles Express service stations accept Shell Card.

To provide greater access to our high quality Shell fuels and lubricants, independently owned Shell branded service stations are also an important part of our network. They’re run by people who are passionate about service and the Shell brand, and we provide them with support and advice to help guide their success.

We also work with experienced retailing operators in selected segments of our network to further extend our network coverage and add flexibility to our offer. This might include new food and dining experiences, lounge facilities and a diverse range of shopping options in addition to retailing Shell’s range of high-quality fuels and lubricants.

Our network continues to grow, with new Shell service stations opening.

If you’re interested in operating a Shell service station in Australia, send us an email.

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