Health, safety, security and environment is always top of mind for Viva Energy.

At Viva Energy, we believe that every incident is preventable, and so our goal is to identify and address their causes. By doing so we aim to achieve ‘Goal Zero’ – no harm to people or the environment. This will apply to the construction and operation of our proposed Gas Terminal.

We are an experienced operator of major hazard facilities in Victoria and across Australia. Facilities in Victoria include the Geelong Refinery, Newport Terminal, the Lara LPG facility and pipelines across Australia. Given the Gas Terminal is adjacent to the Geelong Refinery, we will leverage our capability as an existing Major Hazard Facility (MHF) operator.

As part of the approvals process, we will develop integrated systems and processes for the construction and operation of the gas terminal. In addition, these processes and our operations will be licenced and/or regulated by third parties, including WorkSafe, Energy Safe Victoria (ESV), the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA). We will also extend our existing strong safety culture to these proposed operations.

Find out more about gas terminal safety in our EES documents


Download safety fact sheets

Safe and Secure Operations
LNG Safety Fact Sheet
LNG Shipping Safety
Safety, hazard and risk assessment Fact Sheet

Accordion End

Exclusion Zone

There is a maritime exclusion zone in place at Refinery Pier when ships are loading and unloading. This restricts access by unauthorised people, fishing boats and all other vessels as a safety precaution.

The exclusion zone has been re-assessed by Ports Victoria, to take into account the proposed Pier extension and new Gas Terminal operations including LNG ships berthing. An expanded exclusion zone would apply whenever an LNG ship is loading or unloading. The image below shows the proposed exclusion zone, which will be finalised in conjunction with Ports Victoria as part of the ongoing Project assessments.

Viva Energy Geelong Refinery Exclusion Zones 4

Exclusion zone means no unauthorised access into regulated waters, also known as a waterside restricted zone.