Diversity and Inclusion



Diversity is about differences. It comes in all shapes and forms, contributes to our business success, and benefits our employees, customers and shareholders. Inclusion is how we respect and foster those differences, so that everyone feels safe and confident to contribute their ideas and perspectives and be proud of their individuality. This drives creativity and innovation, and makes Viva Energy an exciting and rewarding place to work.

We know that when employees feel valued and respected it creates a vibrant, creative and productive environment with enhanced decision making and effective team work. Our people have the opportunity to reach their full potential with us regardless of gender, age, cultural heritage, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or disability. All people working for Viva Energy are accountable for our culture and have a responsibility to ensure their behaviours and actions, are in accordance with our commitment to promoting a culture where diversity and inclusion in the workplace is valued and respected.

Improving gender equality

The business case for gender diversity is well researched and documented; diversity enhances team and organisational performance, improves our ability to attract and retain the best talent in the market and fits in well with our aspiration for all our employees to be equally inspired and driven to make our business great. Our commitments to gender diversity are to:

  • Increase female representation across the organisation and especially in non-traditional areas
  • Create a high performing culture where our leader’s role model inclusive behaviour and all ideas and contributions are valued and considered
  • Ensure our men and women have equal opportunity to develop and progress
  • Reward men and women equally to achieve a zero pay gap
  • Flexible, family-friendly working practices that support our employees to be their most productive selves and to support their family and caring responsibilities

"Through my work as a Pay Equity Ambassador and a Male Champion of Change, I have made a public commitment to create an inclusive environment and improve the representation of women in all parts of our business” Scott Wyatt, CEO.

In February 2018, Viva Energy was recognised for the first time by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) as an Employer of Choice for Gender Equality. This acknowledgment is awarded to Australian organisations that are leading the way with their practices and cultures which are improving outcomes for women. We were thrilled with this external validation of all the great work that we have been doing to create an inclusive culture where all people can contribute, feel valued and grow a great career with us.

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Reducing the superannuation gap

Our ground-breaking, Australian first, superannuation policy

In September 2017, Viva Energy implemented a superannuation policy to help improve the retirement balances of working parents. Whilst on parental leave (unpaid, paid or half pay leave) employer superannuation contributions will be paid at the full time equivalent base salary for the full period. In addition, part time employees will receive employer superannuation contributions at the full time equivalent base salary for a period of 5 years after the birth date of their child We were the first company in Australia to introduce such a comprehensive policy on superannuation and we believe it will make a tangible difference towards reducing the gap between the superannuation balances of men and women.

Flexible working

We are also committed to supporting our employees to realise their full potential at all stages of their life and career. We support flexible work practices that allow our people to balance their personal lives with their work commitments and ambitions. In order to be a workplace that allows our people to focus on outcomes and delivering results, to allow individual ownership and flexibility and to foster an environment that employees feel supported with their needs and aspirations, we are proud that we offer a variety of flexible working arrangements. These include part time, job share, time in lieu, telecommuting, carer’s leave, purchased leave, domestic violence leave and unpaid leave.