Our Community Partners

headspace – Primary partner

Our primary community partner is headspace, the national youth mental health foundation established to provide early intervention mental health services to 12-25 year olds.

We will work with headspace to create opportunities for young people to become role models and advocates for mental health within their local communities.

A $600,000 commitment by Viva Energy over 3 years (2016-19) will help support headspace centres in our heartland communities.

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Northern Furtures - Geelong partner

Geelong is a crucial Viva Energy community. So we have also agreed a 3-year partnership with Northern Futures, an organisation committed to developing employment and training opportunities for those most at risk of becoming or remaining jobless in Geelong’s northern suburbs.

Our $120,000 investment will facilitate the Viva Energy Role Model Scholarship program, which will subsidise the cost of a Certificate I, II or III training course as well as associated expenses such as transport and meals.

Find out more about Northern Futures

Program partners

There are many pieces to our community puzzle. Charitable organisations that offer genuine benefits to their constituents can become Program Partners. If you are interested in becoming a program partner, please call the Viva Energy’s Communications team on (03) 52 73 8410.