New Customers

Become a Viva Energy Australia business customer and benefit your customers and your operations with quality fuels and lubricants at a competitive price. 

Initial Enquiry

Telephone our Customer Service Centre on 13 16 18.
Explain that you are a new wholesale customer and wish to receive information on purchasing direct from a Viva Energy Australia seaboard terminal. The National Order Centre will guide you through the necessary steps.

Discussion of Your Requirements 

A business manager will contact you to discuss your detailed requirements. The business manager will familiarise you in Shell's accounting and ordering systems and provide, or arrange for supply of, any necessary information and forms.

Customer Criteria 

To become a Viva Energy Australia business customer you need to meet the following requirements:

  • must have ABN, 
  • minimum annual usage of 1,000,000 litres of bulk fuels or 20,000 litres of lubricants or combination of both. 

You will also need to read and agree to our Standard Trading Terms and Conditions of Sale before completing the Viva Energy Australia customer application form.

Bulk fuel and lubricants customers will also need to complete the Customer Self Site Assessment (CSSA) form and submit this with their customer application form.

Customers who do not meet the minimum requirements can contact their local fuel distributor, (or our National Network of Lubricant Distibutors and Resellers).

Negotiation of contract, including freight option

Open access does not necessarily require supply ex-terminal in your own vehicle. Supply may be by:

  • Viva Energy Australia vehicle (either company-owned or contractor); 
  • distributor vehicle (on behalf of Viva Energy Australia and paid by Viva Energy Australia based on the quoted freight charge); 
  • a carrier which you have organised; or 
  • your own vehicle. 

The business manager will negotiate a contract with you, including price.

Depending on the freight option you have chosen, the price may be in two parts; a price for supply ex-terminal (taking into account any credit arrangements and load size); and a Viva Energy Australia freight price, either because you have requested Viva Energy Australia to deliver or because you are considering arranging your own carrier and would like a competitive freight quote from Viva Energy Australia.

Viva Energy Australia's Terminal Gate Prices for petrol and diesel ex-terminals are available on this site and from the National Order Centre, and are updated regularly.

The price for a full road tanker load paid by telegraphic transfer prior to pick up will not exceed the terminal gate price.

Contract Overriding 

Please note that the information set out in this Web site is intended only as a guide to help you understand Viva Energy Australia’s TGP policy. Nothing in this website forms part of any contract which has been or is to be entered into, except to the extent it is expressly incorporated into such a contract. Further, nothing in this website constitutes an offer of sale; rather all information is provided as an invitation to treat.

Please download the document via the link below:

If you would like to be sent a Viva Energy Australia customer account application form, please contact our New Business team on 13 16 18 during AEST business hours.

Please mail completed application forms (including the CSSA form if you are applying to become a bulk fuels and/or lubricants customer) to:
Viva Energy Australia New Business Commercial
GPO Box 872, Melbourne, Victoria, 3001

Customer Self Site Assessment 

The CSSA is a requirement for all new bulk fuel and lubricants sites. Viva Energy Australia is committed to working towards a safe environment not only for Viva Energy Australia's staff and drivers, but also for our customers and other third parties associated with Viva Energy Australia.

We have identified that one of the high risk areas for our staff is the task of filling overhead tanks on farms and industrial sites, thus using a Customer Site Assessment program minimises risks of harm to humans, animals and the environment. The CSSA is designed to:

  • To ensure the safety of delivery drivers, protection of the environment, and compliance with Viva Energy Australia and Australian Standards; 
  • To meet the HSSE requirement under the 'Duty of Care' clause in respective state legislation; and 
  • To meet the HSSE requirement within the Viva Energy Australia principles of 'No harm to people and the protection of the environment'.

Direct Debit & Viva Energy Australia

Direct Debit is Viva Energy Australia's standard and preferred method of payment. It reduces the time and money you spend managing your account and can ensure you maintain a good credit rating. Direct Debit gives you the maximum amount of time to pay but eliminates the risk of being charged penalties for late payments.

A Direct Debit is an authorisation for Viva Energy Australia to debit your nominated bank account with the statement amount on the date your payment is due.

You can relax with the reassurance of knowing that you are always in control of your Bank account. If you have any queries with your statement you can instruct us to withhold disputed amounts from your payment with just 5 working days notice.

Viva Energy Australia will charge a premium for customers who do not use direct debit.

Please complete the direct debit section in the Viva Energy Australia customer account application form when applying to become a Viva Energy Australia customer.