FAQ-Shell Card Express Application


How does Shell Card work?

Think of it like a credit card for fuel purchases. Every purchase is itemised on a single tax invoice and statement, and the cost of purchases deducted from your nominated account on monthly payment terms.

What are the benefits of Shell Card?

It makes paying for fuel easy; all your purchases appear on a single tax invoice and statement, ready for tax time; you can set usage controls and fraud protection is built-in… to name a few!

I don’t use much fuel in my business. Is it still worth getting a Shell Card?

Yes! Shell Card makes managing your business’ fuel easy, whether you have one vehicle or a whole fleet plus, we offer discounts off the pump price!

What if my business has multiple vehicles?

Applying for a Shell Card through our Express Application only allows you to have 1 card per account. However, our Business and Enterprise managed accounts allow you to have multiple cards!

Can I use Shell Card at a non-Shell service station?

Shell Card has a number of participating third party card accepting sites in their service station network. To find a Shell Card accepting site near you, use our fuel finder tool.



How are PIN codes set?

Setting up your PIN is easy and can be done on your first transaction at a Coles Express or Shell Branded Service Station. Just select a four digit PIN and enter this three time to activate your Shell Card.

What happens if a driver forgets their PIN code ?

A PIN can be re-set by contacting our Customer Service Team on 13 16 18.


What if I want to close my account?

We’d hate to see you go! There’s no minimum contract period so you can request to close your account at any time. Of course, any outstanding balances must be paid in full.

Is there someone I can talk to about my Shell Card account?

Sure, call 13 16 18 and our team will be more than happy to help.

How do I order/ cancel cards?

Customers can email or call our Customer Service Team at 13 16 18 to order new cards or cancel an old one.


Are there any set-up costs?

No none at all, how good is that!

What fees and charges are involved?

There are no admin fees, no transaction fees and no replacement card fees. There is a small 0.8% surcharge if you pay your account with a credit card, and a monthly fee of $2.50 for each fuel card.

Can I pay my Shell Card invoice manually with BPAY?

No, you’ll need to pay your invoice via credit card only

Are the payment terms flexible?

If you apply for a Shell Card through our Express Application, will have you set up to make your payments on a monthly basis. This will help with your management of your expenses.

How often will I receive invoices?

You will receive your invoice on a monthly basis: your invoice will be for a full 30 days of purchases and will be due 7 days from the date of invoice.

What will my credit limit be ?

If you apply for a Shell Card through our Express Application, you will have a set credit limit of $500.